5 Popular APPS to Meet Like-Minded People

Research is clear: Friendship benefits your health, longevity, and professional success.

While friendship is important, It is often difficult to make friends after being socially isolated, shifting to remote work, or moving to a new place.If this is you, you are not alone! Despite our digital connectedness, our society is as lonely as ever. It can be difficult to make friends. But don’t worry—there are a nice selection of apps you can use to make new friends.

Here are 5 of our favorite apps to meet like-minded people online.

Friendship App Quick Picks

  1. Best for Finding Community: Meetup
  2. Best for Young People: Yubo
  3. Best for Women: Hey! VINA
  4. Best for Travelers: Citysurfing
  5. Best for Finding Shared Interests: Friender


If you don’t want to meet people and join fun activities, Meetup is the friendship app for you. It’s an online community to meet like-minded people in social settings like workshops, gatherings, group activities, and beyond. You can find something for just about everyone; biking, dancing, hiking—you name it!


If you’re a bit more shy then try Yubo. It offers a simple way to explore, match, chat, and even use live video streams right inside the app. Since Yubo’s target market is teenagers and young Millennials, it is usually super safe and one of the best apps to make friends under 18—as long as you have your parents’ consent.


If you’re looking to make new girl friends, then you need to download Hey! Vina ASAP! Founded by women and for women. This female-only social experience brings women together based on lifestyle, passions and hobbies. They also offer quizzes, advice, and articles about growing into the best version of yourself as an independent woman.


If you’re relocating to a new city and are looking to meet locals and like-minded people, Citysurfing is a great APP to make instant connections with locals. There are thousands of locals ready to show you around in practically any city in the world. There are also looks ready to offer you relocation assistance and even help you unpack and get your new household in order.


Friender only matches you with others based on your favorite activities and interests. This friend-finding app makes it simple to strike up conversations that you care about.

Do you ever wish making friends as an adult was as easy as it was when we were kids? You could just go up to someone your age and ask, “do you want to be friends?” These days, you can skip the awkward question and just initiate a conversation or hang out online.

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