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11 flower decor ideas for LGBTQ weddings
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11 flower decor ideas for LGBTQ weddings

When planning a wedding, it’s important to ensure that all aspects of the big day reflect the personality and style of the happy couple. For LGBTQ couples, this can sometimes be a challenge, as many wedding traditions are geared toward heterosexual couples. One way to make sure your wedding is unique and personal to you is to put your own spin on the decorations. Flowers are a key part of any wedding décor, so we’ve put together a list of 11 flower decor ideas for LGBTQ weddings that are sure to make your big day extra special. 

1. Go for bold and colorful arrangements 

For a fun and festive look, go for bold and colorful flower arrangements. Bright hues or the ‘pride colors’ are perfect for a summer wedding, and they’ll definitely make your décor stand out. 

2. Incorporate flowers into your wedding cake 

Wedding cakes are often decorated with flowers, so why not take this a step further and incorporate flowers into the actual cake? You can either have a floral cake topper or go for a more subtle approach and add some sugar flowers to the tiers of your cake. 

3. Use flowers to create a backdrop 

A floral backdrop is a beautiful way to frame the happy couple on their big day. You can either hang flowers ordered from a gaylord florist from the ceiling or arrange them in a large archway. 

4. Make a statement with a floral chandelier 

For truly unique wedding decorations, ditch the traditional floral centerpieces and opt for a floral chandelier instead. This eye-catching arrangement is sure to make a statement and wow your guests. 

5. Decorate the ceremony space with flowers 

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, why not use flowers to decorate the space? You can line the aisle with potted plants or arrange flowers around the perimeter of the ceremony space. 

6. Dress up your wedding arch with flowers 

Another way to decorate your ceremony space is to dress up your wedding arch with flowers ordered from flower shops in gaylord mi. This is a beautiful way to create an altar that is personal to you and your partner. 

7. Hang flowers from the ceiling 

For a truly dramatic effect, hang pride-colored flowers from the ceiling. This is a great way to fill up a large space and add some height to your décor. 

8. Create a flower wall 

A flower wall is a beautiful way to add some color and life to your wedding décor. You can either create your own flower wall or purchase a pre-made one. 

9. Use flowers to decorate your wedding chairs 

For a pretty and unique touch, use flowers to decorate your wedding chairs. You can either tie a flower bouquet to each chair or drape a garland of flowers over the back of each chair. 

10. Fill up vases with flowers 

Vases are a simple and elegant way to incorporate flowers into your décor. You can either fill them with water and arrange fresh flowers in them or use them to display silk flowers. 

11. Scatter flower petals around the room 

For a romantic touch, scatter flower petals around the room. This is a great way to decorate a large space and add some extra romance to your décor. Go get your florist delivery johannesburg fast!

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