What do you least like about flying on spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is known for its low-cost fare model while due to its low fare model sometimes you might compromise with few things. Spirit is a safe and trustable airline to fly to any destination while if you are expecting ultimate comfort or luxury in its low-cost you are making a mistake. Spirit provides the best possible facilities inside the flight and you must be aware about the facilities you are getting inside the aircraft. Here we are sharing the experience of flying with Spirit Airlines and what are the drawbacks of Spirit Airlines. 

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Spirit Fleet Size and Space

Spirit Airlines now operates about 200 aircraft and serves more than 80 locations in North and South America. When the airline originally opened in 1983, it was known as Charter Airlines, and its fleet consisted solely of DC-9 and MD-80 aircraft.
Usually, one regular seat and one personal carry-on item are included in this price. For those who like low-cost airlines, they provide very reasonable options since their base rate does not include complimentary meals, beverages, snacks, WiFi, baggage check-in, or other extras. If an individual wants more amenities with their ticket, there are many alternatives for an upgrade. 

Spirit Reviews and Ratings

Spirit is one of the top safest low-cost airlines in the United States according to the website Airline Ratings. It is adequate to state that Spirit Airlines has complied with international safety requirements and has an exceptional safety record after taking into account crucial aspects such as the age of the fleet and the history of severe events.

Worst thing About Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is well-known for its yellow aircraft, which often have extremely basic seats that are unpleasant on lengthy trips. Although everyone’s comfort level is different and cannot be quantified using a standard index, Spirit provides seats that are typically quite small, have no padding, and frequently feel claustrophobic. In contrast to other airlines that provide a large selection of seat types and service levels, Spirit offers passengers only three alternatives, and the Standard seats are included in the base cost package. 

There is some legroom available in the Premium seats, but you have to be prepared to help out in an emergency. You will have to spend extra for a BIG FRONT SEAT if you desperately need a wider seat with greater legroom. Nevertheless, the airline’s legroom and seat comfort ratings are just 2.5 stars. 

Spirit Reservation Process

Spirit Airlines makes it simple for customers to book tickets. You can do it immediately on the airline’s website or app, both of which are user-friendly and clearly display the prices you can anticipate to pay. Additionally, you may use the airline’s app, website, or hub to check in ahead of time for flights. Online, which is free, is the easiest, most affordable option to print your boarding card. Usually, check-in starts 24 hours in advance and concludes an hour before your aircraft takes off.

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