5 Disruptive Technologies Shaping Our Future

5 Disruptive Technologies Shaping Our Future

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons,” said R. Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, philosopher, critic of work, and futurist.

Disruptive technology is a fresh technology that significantly changes the way a preexisting market or industry operates. Disruptive technologies are often at the beginning hit with resistance from incumbent businesses because they threaten to upend the status quo. However, after some time, they can completely convert how a market functions. Some cases of disruptive technology include personal computers, online shopping, and ride-sharing apps. Many big organizations have started focusing on the latest technologies to grow and improve, one such business is Duckpond Technologies. Duckpond Technologies is inspired and motivated, in part, by the technology industry that is ever-evolving.

Listed here are five disruptive technology that changing the globe.

Artificial Intelligence:

It offers the past ten years when the AI was initially presented to the world. But also in recent times, people have realized how to use AI for increasing their business and products. Today AI can be used for game development, spam diagnosis, and fraud defense. E-commerce businesses use AI to know their customer’s shopping behavior and also to manage the business inventory. AI collects data from the search historical past, purchase history, and even expense conversations.


Effectively, it works on distributed ledger technology that is blooming in many industries since its arrival. Bitcoin was the first application that used the method of blockchain plus it was fixed to disrupt different industries throughout the world.

The main reason for introducing blockchain was because with the aid of cryptographic and decentralized components it can eliminate the use of the 3 rd get together in a financial transaction.

3D production:

Although, 3D production was made in the 1980s and at that time people has no idea to put it to use in an improved way. As time changed, new technologies arrived in the market, and people started using 3 DIMENSIONAL printing to use assistive hearing aids and prosthetic limbs, and also spacecraft engines. In recent times this technology has become readily accessible and provided a great order to the manufacturing industry.

Big industries take full good thing about 3 DIMENSIONAL printing technology for the construction of houses and properties at an affordable.

Virtual Reality:

Typically the VR industry has grown with a monstrous 215 billion by 2021. This technology is booming in the entertainment industry. They will be best for making Sci-fi videos to blur the line between your physical and digital world. The gaming industry has also consumed its chance and used VR technology for various video games like Pokémon Get, which allows you to get a real-life experience in the game.

Internet of Things:

That is a huge range of devices attached to the internet that helps in facilitating their inter-communication. Similar to VR, IOT also helps to bridge the gap between your physical and digital worlds. It can help for converting nearly all of your electronic gizmos into a computerized system that you can control in your way.

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