5 flowers to decorate a wedding event

5 flowers to decorate a wedding event

Love is an unconditional feeling between two people without a shape or form. Although it’s impossible to measure by any means, we express our feelings and commitment towards our partner through a wedding. It’s a most cherished tradition in every society that puts aside their differences and creates a common path for both of them to walk together. Flowers are the most important part of a wedding ceremony in any culture. They create an aura that can overwhelm everyone’s feelings. 

Depending upon the flowers you choose to depict a lot about your emotions and affection for another person. So, the notion of your feelings may vary depending upon the color and shape of the flowers. Our Barrie flower shops are known for providing fresh flowers with a mollifying scent.

Here are 5 flowers that you can choose to decorate a wedding –


Roses’ symbolism depends upon the color of the rose. They come in a huge variety of colors including red, white, pink, ivory, crimson, vermilion, and many more. Blushing red roses are universally understood as symbols of passion, romance, and love. These common and trendy blossoms are available in flower shops in Barrie. They make a great arrangement of bouquets for your wedding. They create an ambiance of passion and enthusiasm filled with love. The pink roses represent grace, gratitude, admiration, and joy. Rose petals are also consumable so they can be used to decorate salads and desserts too. Petals are often used to decorate floors and tables.


The word lily comes from the Latin word ‘Lilium’. The sweet innocence and beauty of the flowers represent purity, fresh life, and rebirth. Combined with red roses they can create an environment of overwhelming happiness filled with joy and refreshment. Each different variety of lily has a different meaning but the most common is purity and fertility. They often also represent the virgin Mary in religious iconography. They also represent femininity. So, they could be a great choice for your female companion. You can purchase some amazing bouquets from https://www.barrie-flowers.ca/ by the Barrie florists in Ontario, Canada.


Dianthus Caryophyllus also called grenadine generally known as clove pink. The flowers are pretty classy and beautiful. Their uniquely designed leaves by nature make them a perfect piece of art and beauty. If your heart aches for your lover then pale red carnations would be a great choice as they symbolize admiration and an aching heart in love. The red petals represent a beating heart filled with love like a mother’s heart. They also represent love, peculiarity, and affection. Also, one more quality of these flowers is that they are everlasting so they will remain fresh till the end of your ceremony.


Lavender comes in a wide variety of colors including white, pink, blue, and violet and the most common is of course purples. Besides their medicinal purposes, they are also used in event decoration. They represent purity, silence, serenity, devotion, calmness, and grace. Also, the symbolism may vary depending on the color you can choose purple ones to represent royalty. They symbolize luxury and speak of elegance and refinement. They are very comforting to the watcher’s eyes so your destination is going to look serene, royal, and classy. Our services and flower delivery in Barrie gave it a shot.


Tulips are generally large, showy, and brightly colored flowers. Tulips are classical flowers that have been used for centuries to depict love and affection. They symbolize deep love and perfection. The florists in Innisfil, Ontario can get you a cluster of such blooms. The vibrant color and size of tulips make them perfect for the decoration of a wedding ceremony. Due to their fabulous time of blossoming at the beginning of a new season and their cheerful colors, they would nicely and perfectly fit with your wedding decorum as the wedding also marks a new era of life for both partners. Flower shops in Innisfil provide such tulips for your special occasion.


Weddings are impossible with no groom and no bloom! Go with the estimable flower delivery in Barrie and you would not get a chance to be disappointed.

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