6 Unique Things to Do in Richmond


Richmond is Virginia’s capitol and has a lot to offer. From the surrounding river to the art and music scene, Richmond, VA has something for everyone. Here are some interesting activities to do in Richmond, VA.

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James River Park Pipeline 

The James River runs right next to Richmond. Because it is such a unique element of the city, many of the activities on this list revolve around it! The Pipeline Rapids walkway is at the top of the list because I’ve never seen anything like it. 

The pipeline is in use and transports stormwater and other runoff to a holding tank outside of Richmond. It’s a nice place to sit and observe nature without having to leave the city. One access is on the floodwall’s riverbank, west of 14th Street. The other entry requires some exploration on Brown’s Island on the park’s eastern side. 

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Edgar Allen Poe resided in Richmond as a child, and this museum recalls his time there. It also houses the world’s greatest collection of original Edgar Allen Poe writing, belongings, letters, and other items. The museum transports you back in time with buildings and gardens that depict Edgar Allen Poe’s life. 

On the lawn between the buildings, there’s also a one-of-a-kind homage to Edgar Allen Poe, which is in lipstick. There are also two black cats who live on the property and are quite friendly! Make sure to say hello to them while you’re there.

Circuit Arcade Bar

Circuit Arcade Bar includes over 80 classic and new video games to play, as well as self-service beer taps and cuisine.  It transports you back to your childhood, and playing the classic games is a lot of fun! 

How does it function? You’ll be given a card (which can be prepaid or open tab) to use for pouring beers, as well as tokens for the games. When you first arrive, you’ll sign in and they’ll give you all the information you need to know about what to do.

Canal Walk and Murals

Downtown Richmond features around 150 murals to be across the city. My personal favourites are on the Canal Walk (near the James River Pipeline Walk). This is a one-of-a-kind mural location in an ancient industrial building that is now part of the broader canal promenade. 

You can view the murals there and then continue your trek along the Canal trek. The entire path is stunning, with artwork by a variety of artists like Ham Glass and Chris Milk Hulburt. I propose beginning at 201 Haxall Point and walking from there.

James River

The rapids on the James River near Richmond are ideal for white water rafting, and two businesses provide these excursions: RVA Paddlesports and Riverside Outfitters. Both have levels ranging from basic to expert. 

The rapids in downtown Richmond are class 3, which means they are intermediate (3/5) and can be difficult! This is not a suitable place to go alone if you are unfamiliar with kayaking or rafting, but it is a fantastic trip with a guide! It doesn’t get much better than rafting with a view of the city and mountains!

Manchester Bridge Wall

Another one-of-a-kind outdoor activity is urban rock climbing on the Manchester Bridge Wall. The Manchester Bridge has rock climbing routes ranging from 30 to 60 feet on granite blocks. The climbs are on stone bridge abutments that can be done on top rope, sport rope, trad rope, or mixed rope. 

The bridge climbing location provides spectacular views of downtown and the James River! This is without a doubt one of the most unusual things to do in Richmond, if not the entire state!

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