9 Top Tips for Writing a Career Change Cover Letter


As you may be aware, the job market is tough, and many people are looking for a career change. This makes it difficult to stand out in the crowd when employers receive hundreds of applications per day. It can feel like an impossible task to get noticed! Writing a cover letter that stands out from the rest is no easy feat, but if done right, it will help you land your dream job (and impress future managers). In this article, we’ll go over nine tips to make sure your cover letter gets noticed and show you how Refreshing a Career can support job seekers wishing to change careers to help everyone fulfil their potential.

Writing a career change cover letter 

Refreshing a Career has some great tips on how to write a career change cover letter. Here’s their guide for job seekers looking for a fresh start.

Identify with the company

The first thing you need to do is make sure your cover letter resonates with the company. You need to show the company that you understand their business and what they’re looking for in a candidate. Show them that you share the same values and ethos to make them believe that you will be the perfect fit for them.

Show you’re eager to join them

When writing your cover letter, include all of the relevant information about why you want to work for that company. Employers are more likely to hire you if they believe you want to work for them; applicants that seem eager to join the company will give the employer the impression that they’ll work hard for them.

Make sure your tone is right

Your writing style should be simple and conversational in tone. This will give the impression that you are friendly, open and honest, which are three things employers are looking for. If you are not a native English speaker, then have someone proofread your resume before submitting it to the company. Do not write numbers or bullet points; explain why you are the best option for them, don’t just list things you can do.

Don’t overdo it

A career change cover letter should not be more than a page long. This is to make sure it remains concise and easy for the employer to understand.

Make your case

Make sure that it’s easy for employers to understand why they should hire you – what makes you unique?

Include examples of previous work or volunteer experience that show what you can offer the company. You should also consider including awards/certifications in your career change cover letter, but make sure this is relevant!

Tailor your letter to the job

Remember to tailor each application to suit each job description and do your research. This will show the employer that you have put extra time and effort into the cover letter. It is crucial to make sure it is targeted at the specific job role you are applying for, so make sure you’re clear, and everything you say is relevant to the role.

Make yourself reachable

Ensure to include your contact details at the top, so employers know how they can get in touch with you.

Double and triple check!

Last but not least – proofread it several times before sending it off! You must proofread anything you send to employers; incorrect spelling or grammar could ruin your chances. Once you have proofread your writing, it is good to give it to someone else to read over.

Take Next steps

After writing the cover letter, send it in with other supporting documentation such as references and qualifications so employers can see more depth to you than just what they read on paper. You want them to feel excited about the opportunity to meet you in person so they can see what an asset you’ll be to their team.

Writing a career change cover letter takes time and patience, but it will pay off if done correctly.

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