Achieving Proficiency in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love’s Job Classes

Achieving Proficiency in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love's Job Classes

Players of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love have an array of job classes they can choose from, each having its own set of abilities, skills, and playstyles. In order to make the most of their character, it is necessary to pick the job class that best suits them. This article provides a comprehensive overview of all the job classes that are available in the game, including their advantages, drawbacks, and recommended builds.

One Skilled in the Art of Swordfighting

With their great capacity to deal out physical damage and a good amount of HP, the Swordsman is a flexible class in close combat. This class is suitable for taking on the role of a tank and can progress to the Knight, Crusader, or Lord Knight levels.

1.Knight : The Knight specializes in being a frontline fighter, protecting others from harm. They utilize defensive abilities with their shields to absorb damage and prove to be a great asset in a group.

2.Crusader : This class brings a lot to the table, including healing and buffing to help their allies out of tight spots. When it comes to dealing damage, the Crusader won’t disappoint with their Holy Cross attack, capable of inflicting serious harm.

3.Lord Knight : This class has an offensive specialization, focusing on delivering immense physical damage. Equipped with powerful abilities, such as Bowling Bash and Aura Blade, they can quickly eliminate foes and are highly formidable combatants.


Magicians have a long-standing history in many cultures, often being seen as powerful figures who could manipulate reality with their magical powers. They have been depicted in stories and legends as taking on a variety of roles, from wise advisors to powerful villains. In many cases, they were seen as having a close relationship with the gods and being capable of influencing the fate of mortals. Today, magicians continue to be a popular subject of fantasy and fiction, with many books, films, and television series featuring them.

The Mage, who can inflict a large amount of magical damage from a distance, is a spell-casting role that is particularly well-suited for this task. While they possess low amounts of HP, they can still cause considerable damage to numerous opponents. Mages can further their careers to the Wizard, High Wizard, or Warlock level.

1.Wizard : Boasting an impressive ability to cause AoE damage and control crowds, Wizards are adept at wiping out numerous adversaries in a single go. Their mightily potent spells such as Meteor Storm and Storm Gust make them an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

2.High Wizard : With an improved Wizard background, the High Wizard type possess even more effective AoE incantations and can cause serious single-target harm. Additionally, they are able to present beneficial buffs to others in the party.

3.Warlock : Warlocks are an offensive version of the High Wizard, focusing on dealing immense magical harm. They have the capacity to debilitate adversaries and are equipped with unique abilities, such as Chain Lightning and Tetra Vortex, thus making them a formidable presence on the battlefield.

A Skilled Archer

Archers are capable of attacking enemies from a distance and dealing physical damage. They possess moderate HP and are proficient in damaging single foes. Upon leveling up, they can become either a Hunter, Sniper, or Ranger.

1.Hunter: This form of combat concentrates on delivering physical strikes from a remote position with abilities such as Arrow Shower and Double Strafe. Additionally, they are able to employ traps to impede and hurt adversaries.

The 2.Sniper class is an offensive variant of the Hunter, with a focus on doing high amounts of damage through abilities such as Sharp Shooting and Aimed Bolt.

3.Ranger : A Ranger in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a unique combination of a Hunter and a Mage. They have a variety of abilities, both physical and magical, which gives them an advantage in fights. Additionally, they have the ability to call forth a loyal Warg to aid them, providing them with powerful attacks as well as helpful support skills.


The Thief is an adept class at dealing out heavy physical damage when attacking from the rear. Although their HP is low, they can inflict a great deal of harm to isolated targets. If they choose to, Thieves can evolve into the Assassin, Rogue, or Stalker professions.

1.Assassin : This class focuses on unleashing critical blows and attacking opponents from behind with techniques such as Sonic Blow and Grimtooth. Assassins also have the potential to inflict poison on their adversaries, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

2.Rogue : This class is a flexible variation of the Thief, with capabilities that let them disable traps and steal items from adversaries. They can also cause a great amount of damage with their Back Stab ability, which makes them a valuable and multipurpose addition to a group.

3.Stalker : Stealthily maneuvering around opponents and setting up traps are the hallmarks of the Stalker class. Their ability to remain hidden while still managing to do damage makes them an extremely powerful asset in both solo and group battles.

A Devotee

A devotee is a person devoted to a particular task or set of beliefs. This type of person often works closely with a higher authority within a given area of expertise. They can be found in a variety of settings, from religious institutions to government organizations. The role of a devotee is to carry out the instructions of their superior and help guide others in their field.

The Acolyte is a support class that is especially proficient in healing and strengthening their allies. Even though their HP and physical damage output is not very high, they possess incredibly potent assistance skills. Once they reach a certain point, they can choose to become a Priest, Monk, or High Priest.

1.Priest: The Priest is a support-oriented class, focusing on providing healing, buffing, and reviving for their allies. They can use abilities such as Heal and Blessing to restore the health of their comrades, and remove any negative effects that may be hindering them.

2.Monk : Empowered to bring heavy harm in battle, Monks possess the capacity to dole out significant physical damage using their abilities. They also are able to provide healing to both themselves and their comrades, rendering them strong combatants on the battlefield.

3.High Priest : A step beyond the Priest class, High Priests are renowned for their powerful healing and buffing capabilities. Additionally, they have the unique ability to bring harm to undead creatures in battle, making them invaluable allies when facing off against the undead.


The Merchant is a class that specializes in trading and monetary gain, featuring the capacity to sell items at a higher cost and to craft items to sell. However, the Merchant class has lower HP and does not do a great deal of physical harm. Upon advancing, a Merchant can become a Blacksmith, Alchemist, or Whitesmith.

1.Blacksmith : This class has expertise in crafting and augmenting weapons and armor. Their abilities such as Weapon Refine and Enchanted Stone Craft make them a beneficial asset to any team, as they can make and improve potent items.

2.Alchemist : Skilled in the art of creating potions and accessories, the Alchemist class is capable of using abilities like Potion Synthesis and Sphere Mine to create formidable support items. Their ability to heal and strengthen those in their party makes them an invaluable asset to any group.

3.Whitesmith : The Whitesmith is a more aggressive type of Blacksmith, able to dish out major physical harm in a fight. They have the capability to enliven their weapons with elemental qualities and make formidable devices, making them a match for even the toughest of adversaries.


This comprehensive job class guide allows gamers to gain a better understanding of each class, leading to better-informed choices that fit their individual playstyle. As each class offers its own unique advantages and features, players can get the most out of the game. Should they wish to take on multiple roles at once, the Redfinger Android emulator can prove useful in achieving this.

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