Amazing Things to do in Hamilton with kids

Amazing Things to do in Hamilton with kids

Do you want to spend your winter vacation in Hamilton? But you have small kids, and you are worried about locations. Here, you will get a list of locations that will be fun for your kids. So, book Delta Flights to fly to Hamilton.

What are the Exciting Adventures for Kids in Hamilton

In Hamilton, kids can enjoy various adventurous activities, like exploring things in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, African lion safari, Dundurn Castle, HMCS Haida National Historic Site, and Hamilton waterfalls. 

1.  Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

This museum is a treat for anybody interested in Canadian aviation history. Many planes are undergoing restoration and are on exhibit, along with informative placards. The pilots were excellent, and the crew was really helpful. 


Take a trip in one of their old-fashioned propeller-driven planes. If you’ve always wished you could experience flying.  It’s a very enjoyable experience. The museum features an excellent café. An outside view of the planes in operation. Here, a sizable gift shop and lots of parking. It is attached to the airport.

2. African Lion Safari

See 1,000 different species of birds and animals here. In seven sizable Game Reserves, everyone is free to wander. Here, you may walk. Witness lions, elegant giraffes, and rhinoceros collide here. A lot more international animal! 

Take a stroll around the premises. Take in captivating displays of animals and birds. 

Such as Little Ray’s Nature Centre, Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration, and Parrot Paradise. Take pleasure in Misumu Bay Wet Play, the Jungle Playground Areas, the Pets’ Corner, the “Nature Boy ” Scenic Railway, and the “African Queen ” Boat Cruise.

3. Dundurn Castle

Take a guided tour of this 40-room, Italianate-style home. It was constructed in the 1830s in Burlington Heights—the location of a British military garrison that was entrenched in 1813.

4. HMCS Haida National Historic Site

If your kids are history lovers, then you must visit here. The most well-known warship in Canada is HMCS Haida. The final Tribal Destroyer in existence. It attracts people from Ontario. As well as from all around North America and the world. It is inspiring many adults and kids. Currently serving as a floating monument. Along with the navais museum, this WWII Tribal Class destroyer was built.

 5. Waterfalls of Hamilton

The vantage point offers stunning panoramas of Hamilton as a whole. a pleasant waterfall trek. It’s a pretty fun location. Benefit from this location. The falls provide some breathtaking vistas of nature at its most beautiful.

You can do backtracking between many falls spread around it.

 All falls are fenced off for safety. Even all areas have planted trees to maintain a natural environment. To discover the ideal location for a shot, you might need to search around. But please do so safely. Parking is readily available, and to avoid confusion, reservations are only required on Canada’s key holidays.


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