An Overview Of Fashion Design Program In Canada

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Without a doubt, Canada has traditionally been a preferred location for foreign students. Our nation is endowed with stunning natural surroundings, a high standard of life, and strong academic standards. Many students hope to attend university in Canada. Some Canadian universities have obtained the highest rankings in terms of academic standards. Students can choose from a wide range of courses, it’s true. Students must choose a course based on their choices and interests. Nevertheless a popular choice for many overseas students is fashion design.

The fashion design sector is expanding quickly. The millennial generation is willing to spend a sizable sum of money on clothing. Studying various fashion trends, outfits, graphic design, visualization, and other important aspects of fashion is part of the fashion design course. So, you should seek the advice of the top Canada study visa consultants in Ludhiana to assist you with the visa application procedure if you want to pursue a career in fashion design in Canada.

We will give you all the information you need to enroll in a fashion design programme in Canada in this article:


Generally, in order to enroll in this course, you must meet the following two prerequisites:

  • 50% or more in Class 12
  • English language proof (IELTS or TOEFL score)
  • So, you are qualified to study in Canada if you meet both of these requirements.

Why study in Canada?

Yes, this is a frequent concern that many students have while deciding whether to pursue higher education in Canada. Significantly, Canada offers very high educational levels at affordable prices. It will cost you millions of dollars to study fashion design in France or Italy. It will therefore burn a huge hole in your wallet. Most significantly, you won’t be alone in Canada because there is a strong Indian student community. Actually, once your training is complete, you can apply for your ideal job in Canada right away. For these reasons, if you are considering migrating abroad for higher education, you should definitely consider moving to Canada.

Best Universities In Canada For Studying Fashion Design:

George Brown University

Toronto is where this college is located. It is among the most prestigious colleges in the Toronto area. This university offers classes in:

  • Techniques and designs in fashion
  • fashion control
  • the business of fashion
  • Program for the Creation and Management of International Fashion

The International Fashion Development program has a one-year course requirement, whereas the other program have a two-year need.

Tuition Costs

  • International Fashion Development Program: $3,498.00.
  • For the remaining program, budget $7000–7300.

School of Fashion at Ryerson University

This university has been around for more than 65 years and has quite a distinguished reputation abroad. As a result, it has regularly been able to rank among the top fashion schools worldwide. As a result, it is able to accept a number of overseas students. The following courses are also offered by this college, which is situated on a lovely campus in the metropolis of Toronto.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication)
  • Art Master’s Program

The Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication) programme lasts four years, whereas the Master of Art programme lasts two years.

Thus, the following are the tuition costs here:

  • $7462 for a bachelor’s degree
  • Master of Art Course: $30707

Institute Of Fashion Design In Coco

The Coco Fashion Design Institute is another well-known name among the respectable fashion schools in Toronto. It provides the following program:

  • Certificate in Pattern-making and Garment Construction
  • Diploma program in fashion design pattern development and makeup artistry

These courses have a one-year duration. Therefore this college might not be what you’re looking for if you’re seeking for long-term courses.

Tuition Costs

  • $4000 Certificate in Pattern Creation for Fashion.
  • $4500 – Certificate in Patternmaking and Garment Construction.
  • Makeup Artistry Course for $975.

Academy of Richard Robinson Fashion Design

This 1969-founded academy is well-liked by pupils from other countries. The Richard Robinson Fashion Design School is located in Ottawa, the country’s capital, unlike the majority of fashion design institutes in Canada, which are all in Toronto. The following courses are provided by the institute:

  • clothing designer.
  • Couturier applications.

This institute offers part-time fashion design courses as an additional option. Also, the length of the course is 4 months for part-time courses and 2 years for full-time programmes.

Tuition Costs

  • $12,000. Program for fashion designers
  • Couturier programme: $6500
  • Part-time courses from $295 to $1,000
  • Lasalle University

Almost 40% of Lasalle College’s enrollment is made up of foreign students. This proportion represents the high level of instruction at this institution, which has made it a popular choice for foreign students looking to enroll in fashion design courses in Canada.

The institute, which is in Montreal, provides the following programmes:

  • Clothing Design
  • Program for Fashion Marketing

Although each of these courses have a 3-year course length, students have the option of finishing them in 2-year increments. As a result, you can select the timeframe at your convenience.

Hence, the cost of attending classes here is

  • Program for Fashion Design, $42108
  • $40272 – Program for Fashion Marketing
  • Program for Intensive Fashion Design: $28964
  • Program for intensive fashion marketing, $27704

Next, research each of these universities in depth and make a decision as to which one you want to attend to enroll in a fashion design course. Consider getting in touch with the top Australia study visa consultants in Ludhiana if you’re having trouble processing all the information and need professional assistance. You will receive lucid, transparent information from them regarding every college. In addition, they will efficiently handle the entire visa application process.

Finishing it off

Thus, fashion design is growing in popularity among students from other countries. In Canada, a number of top colleges offer a range of courses relating to fashion design. We therefore hope that this article has provided you with all the information you require to enroll in a fashion design program in Canada.

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