An Overview of Tyre Changer Machine

Tyre Changer Machine

A tyre changer machine is an essential piece of equipment for any company in the automotive industry, whether it be a garage or a store that sells tyres.

This piece of equipment is an absolute must. This piece of equipment was created with the intention of simplifying the process of changing the tyres on a wide range of vehicles, from little vehicles to large semi-tractors.

Semi-Automatic vs Automatic

Tyre changers are classified into four types: manual, semi-automatic, completely automated, and super-automatic. In this article, we will concentrate on the two most common: semi-automatic and fully automated.

Semi-Automatic Tyre Fitting Machine

When using a semi-automatic tyre changer, the mounting head is supported by a hex bar that is hinged at the top of the rear column. This keeps the mounting head in position.

A screw located in the rear column may be used to set the rim distance.

This screw will adjust itself to the appropriate wheel diameter. After that, the mounting head is manually moved into position on the hex bar, and it is secured there with a lever after being pressed down.

The majority of the time, people will refer to this equipment as swing arm tyre changers.

Fully Automatic Tyre Fitting Machine

When using a tyre changer that is totally automated, the mounting head has a somewhat different structure than usual.

A hydraulic piston controls the movement of the whole rear column, which allows it to be moved rearward and out of the way of the table.

During the mounting process, the head is brought into position, and rather than being locked into place manually, it may be done so with the press of a button.

The majority of the time, people will refer to this equipment as tilt arm tyre changers.

What Is the Function of The Help Arm on A Tyre Machine?

Most fast-fit shops now have tyre changers with assist arms as standard equipment.

It is a popular misconception that a machine without an assist arm cannot replace a run-flat tyre. This is absolutely not the case.

A large run-flat tyre may be very difficult to replace. It takes a lot of effort and hard work, and maybe two or three individuals, but it is possible.

This is why the Assist arm was created to “help” in the installation of these difficult tyres.

The help arm typically serves three purposes. The primary is a fixed roller that sits approximately 6 inches from the mounting head and holds the tyre sidewall in place while the table rotates.

The arm’s second component is a revolving clamp.

This clamp also keeps the tyre’s sidewall in place and rotates with it as the table spins, forcing the tyre into the wheel cavity and enabling the opposing bead to stretch and fit over the mounting head.

The lower-listed disc is the last component of an aid arm. When removing the lower bead or rear bead, this disc is utilised to help raise it up to the mounting head.

A tyre changer with an assisting arm makes the majority of tyre and wheel combinations on the road today a very simple, one-man job.

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