Bcci Confirms Ipl 2023 To Begin 1 April In Official Statement

Bcci Confirms Ipl 2023 To Begin 1 April In Official Statement

IPL 2023 Schedule: BCCI official said that IPL2023 will likely start on April 1. BCCI is closely monitoring the IPL 2023 planning. IPL Live 2023 will likely start on April 1st and end on Sunday May 28th. The World Test Championship Final (WTC Final 2023) is schedule to begin at The Oval on June 8.

IPL 2023 (IPL Schedule), however, will only be available for 58 days. The final schedule will be available in the first week February.

Senior BCCI officials stated that they are at the end of the discussion on the IPL schedule.

It will announce in the first of next month. After the final IPL women’s teams have announce, the IPL GC meeting takes place.

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The list will finalize after that. The goal is to finish the IPL by May 31, as the WTC final takes place in the second week.

  • The BCCI may change the IPL start date to April 1, as it falls on Saturday.
  • The final will likely be held on Sunday, May 28th.
  • To confirm the IPL 2023 schedule, the IPL GC will take place in the first week February.
  • Initially, the IPL window was for a longer time.
  • The BCCI was forced to reduce the window due to WTC final being held June 8.
  • If they are selected for the WTC final, the Australian Test team won’t be available for IPL playoff stage.
  • If India qualifies for the IPL playoffs, players who are unable to participate in the IPL playoffs may have to attend a brief camp before the Oval final.
  • Australia has secured their place in WTC Final. India could reach final by winning the home series 3-1 or 2:2 against Australia next month.

will not be a part of IPL 2023 Playoffs.

India will secure their place in the WTC Final. The Test players will allow to camp for a brief time if they are not part of the IPL2023 playoffs.

Australia will also recall all regular Test players from IPL2023 at least 10 working days before the WTC final.

Official from BCCI stated that there is a chance that some Australian players could drop during the playoff stage. To minimize the impact, we are currently in discussions with CA.

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