Bedroom Ideas for Newly Married Couples

A bedroom is the most sacred place, especially for a newly married couple. It is the only place where a new couple spends some quality time and hence, bedroom is the only sanctuary where they can get true privacy. Thus, the decoration of the bedroom matters the most.

Are you thinking to renovate your bedroom in the latest style and beautiful color schemes? Well, we have collected some romantic bedroom ideas that are swoon-worthy as well as practical. Additionally, it will help the new couples to arrive at a consensus if they’re getting stuck somewhere. 

List of Bedroom Ideas for Newly Married Couples

Here is a list of some useful and romantic bedroom ideas for a newly married couple that you would love to have in your room: 

· Pick a theme

There are numerous interior styles from which you can pick the best theme for your room as per your preference – Scandinavian, vintage, traditional, boho, etc. selecting the theme can even help you to choose the color palette and the overall mood board.

In addition, it will also make it easier for you to choose the furniture as well and other accent pieces for your bedroom. 

· Select the color palette

It is advisable instead of choosing dark colors scheme, pick a neutral color for the flooring and walls. This will help you unwind as you lay down in your room to relax as these colors are so calming. Moreover, it will help you to get more bedding options. You can always add accent colors by adding a bed, furniture, wall art, and rugs.

On the other side, if you consider bold as per your taste, you can experiment with darker shades of red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. You can even select wallpapers and wall design patterns to add texture to your walls.

In this way, you can add character to your bedroom. 

· Add seating and artwork

If you have a good space in your room, try adding a small table, a beige chair, a wall shelf, and a single or combination of small pieces of love paintings and wall art online from canvas art paintings . This will help you to decorate your bedroom by providing a more contemporary look. 

· Add a side table and lamps

Try to make your bedroom functional apart than beautiful. This will allow you to do the things that you enjoy the most. For instance, if you like reading before you go to sleep then having lamps beside you will help you to do it without disturbing your partner.

Hanging lamps is also a good option and even make your bedroom more stylish. Similarly, you can add up side tables to keep basic things like phones, spectacles, books, alarm clocks, etc. 

· Add earthy elements

Make your bedroom a true heaven by adding some earthy elements. You can use wooden furniture and flooring, some exposed bricks on the walls, and small-sized plants – peace lily, money plant, ZZ plant, snake plant, etc that allow a lot of sunlight to enter your room. 

Bottom Line

Every couple is unique, and each partner can have different styles and preferences. Arriving at a consensus for renovating the bedroom may seem tough, but not impossible. You can give an interesting twist to your place with open mind thoughts

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