Benefits of Click-to-Call for All-Sized Businesses

click-to-call solution

What is a Click-to-Call Service?

The click-to-call or click2call service is a calling widget based on real-time that can is configured on a website or mobile app. It is used by a business to offer instant connection with customers. A business can use it to benefit from sales and support by adding their contact number to get a call back within seconds. Click2call service is an API-integrated call button feature that is added to the website or app which allows contacting the business directly.

Features of Click-to-Call Service

Click-to-call solutions are instant connectors that reduce wait time and immediate response. However, it is important to note that this solution is only applicable to cloud communication. The features are:

  1. IVR menu: Click2call service also uses the IVR menu that answers every customer query with the IVR’s multi-level menu. It helps in establishing immediate interaction with the customer. The customer can contact the business initially through the IVR menu; it offers all the necessary solutions and assistance. In case a customer is not satisfied or needs further assistance; the call is transferred to the agents or experts.
  2. Call routing: The IVR menu can route calls directly to the agents or experts, as per the need of the customer. The call can also be routed to the departments in case of specific needs. Call routing helps business to reduce agents’ workload. It provides a business agent with more productive time. Call routing is automated; it helps to reduce the customer’s wait time.
  3. Call recording: The call recording feature helps a business to automatically record all calls. It reduces the risk of missing any call to record. It helps a business to also offer productive time to the agents.

Call recording helps a business to maintain a database that can be used for various reasons. The data can be used as marketing tools that can assist in successful campaign designing, tools to train agents, etc. It can also be used as pieces of evidence for cloud communication businesses.

Click-to-call providers can help a business in guiding to make the best use of the solution. As every business caters to a different audience, click-to-call providers can help a business choose the best click-to-call service.

Benefits of Click-to-Call Service for All-Sized Businesses

  1. Fits all sizes: The best click-to-call service feature is that it is a ‘one size fits all solution. Every business from every industry can use it. Also, the service grows with the business. A small business can grow into a medium and eventually a large-scale business or due to various reasons, the business may downsize. However, in any case, this solution works for all. It does not need upgradation or uninstallation due to any change in business size.
  2. Maximizes online opportunities:  It also benefits all-sized businesses by maximizing online sale opportunities. With the solution, people can easily get in touch with the business which reduces customers’ reluctance of online business. It offers service for every hour of the week that helps a business to offer more customer engagement.
  3. Effective marketing: It provides a business with online marketing effectiveness. It captures customers’ intelligence very easily. The service identifies every form of campaign, sales approach, promotion, etc. that works best and delivers the highest conversion rates. It encourages generating more sales by revealing the web pages which prompt the most inquiries. Thus, capturing the customer’s data for analyzing future targets.
  4. Customer satisfaction: The service is customer friendly as they can contact the business at their convenience and needs. It takes care of the customer’s needs at any given point in time. A business can enhance sales with more engagement. The customers can get a service, file a complaint, and talk to the executives with just a click to contact.

The service benefits every business size in multiple ways. It reduces the business and customer communication gap. It helps a business in multiplying profit by reaching more customers.


The best click-to-call service is the one that benefits all businesses from every industry. The solution assures easy market branding along with high-quality service delivery. A business can get confused to choose from many click-to-call providers. It must benefit the business in growth and come under the business’s budget.

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