Calisthenics Parallettes 101: Top Benefits and Buying Guide

Calisthenics is a branch of fitness that relies on a person’s body weight to gain complete body strength and overall fitness. Since it involves simple exercises, it can be performed anywhere without the need for high-end gym equipment. In this guide, you will learn everything about calisthenics parallettes equipment and how they are beneficial to impart upper body strength. Also, there is a buying guide included to help you purchase the apt parallettes set easily. So, keep reading further to get further details!

3 Top Benefits of Calisthenics Parallettes 

Parallettes are considered great for training the core strength and upper body in the best way. Check out the given benefits of parallettes that make it superb to attain control of your body. 

Improve body stability

With consistent parallette training, you will witness an increase in body control and stability when performing different movements. Since it needs a good fitness level, you need to have strong coordination to hold your body without hurting. While some parallette positions require maintaining certain body positions and movements, it is necessary to start with simple pull-up and push-up exercises for building ample strength.

Increase Core Body Strength

Well, parallettes are a perfect way to add more body balance and build core muscles. It is helpful in building strength since it engages actively with the shoulders, chest, abs, triceps, and biceps along with the back and legs. There is tremendous muscle gain when you start holding up your body in the air in between two parallettes bars. Thus, you learn to balance the entire body weight which increases your concentration as well.

Gain grip strength

When you start using parallettes, you start balancing the suspended body by keeping a strong grip. Thus, it helps in developing your gripping and wrist strength so that you can handle your body weight without any hassle.  However, make sure that you don’t strain your muscles by doing advanced exercises altogether. The best way to opt for some Calisthenics Worldwide workout plan that makes it pretty easy to perform all types of parallettes exercises from basics to advanced under proper guidance.

Best Calisthenics Parallettes Buying Guide

When buying Calisthenics parallettes, you need to take care of a number of aspects to get the right one that is both durable and caters to your needs well. Check out a few mentioned below:

High-quality Material

Choosing parallettes of good-quality material ensures their longevity. Thus, always pick sturdy options that will provide ample support to handle your body weight easily. Be it wood, PVC, or steel, choose the ones that will offer both a comfortable and robust feel. Wood is mostly preferred for small pushup bars. However, for performing weighted calisthenics, you can opt for metal parallettes that can handle heavier loads easily. These metal ones never slip or wobble when used owing to their heavy weight.

Optimum Size

Size plays a crucial role in selecting the right parallette set. It is because it varies in length, shape, and height and the best size is the one that fulfills your training needs well. Check out the two different types of sizes available. 

  1. High Parallettes (dipping bars) are best for advanced exercises like planche and dip variations. So, more height provides an edge to manage the entire body weight. 
  2. Smaller parallettes (Pushup bars) are perfect for people looking for a portable option since they are helpful in imparting more depth while performing certain movements. 


Parallettes with portability features are useful if you travel often. Gymnasts mostly prefer these ones as it helps them to do calisthenics workout wherever they want. However, you need to select the right one based on its weight and size. Also, you can choose the options specially designed to cater to your travel needs and can be more easily disassembled after use.

The Final Verdict

Now that you are well aware of all the amazing benefits of parallettes to perform calisthenics workouts, it is time to look for the best parallettes set online. You must consider all the pointers shared in the buying guide to buy the best one in a jiffy. Also, you should always progress slowly in using parallettes otherwise you may end up straining your wrist badly.

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