Everything You Need To Know About Eligibility Criteria For NDIS


The NDIS is an Australian governmental body mandated to help provide support for disabled individuals. Over the years, the NDIS has made it easy and manageable to access funding for disability support. The funding is available for the thousands of Australians living with significant or permanent disabilities. However, to apply for NDIS, one must meet the eligibility criteria. This criterion is in place to ensure that only individuals in dire need get the funding for their support. So, whether you are a caregiver to a disabled person or you are one, here is what you must know about the NDIS eligibility criteria.

Age Requirements

The NDIS supports are available for individuals between 7 and 65 years old. In addition, individuals above 65 years old may have access to other supports like the Aged Care System.

Residency Requirements

If you are applying for NDIS support, you must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a Protected Special Category Visa. You must meet these residency requirements at the time of your application and when you have an NDIS Plan. If you relocate to a different country, your NDIS supports could be concealed.

The Disability Requirements

The NDIS aims to provide support so that disabled people can find the means to live their dreams and achieve their goals. This is to make them live independent lives. Disabled individuals can access NDIS Plan if they meet the following criteria:

  • If their disability is permanent,
  • If they will need NDIS supports for a lifetime, 
  • If their disability or psychiatric condition impairs them cognitively, intellectually, neurologically, sensorily and physically,
  • If the disability affects their chance to work a normal job, 
  • If their disability affects their social, mobility, communication, interaction, social and self-care

The Early Intervention Requirements

These are supports designed by NDIS to ensure disabled people get the help they need as early as possible. There are instances when one can’t meet the disability requirement but are still eligible for NDIS support. In such cases, early intervention will help them get that support. To qualify for early intervention support, the individual must have permanent impairments or those likely to be in the future.

If You Are Eligible

If you become eligible, you get support and become an NDIS participant. Maintaining your eligibility with NDIS depends on your individual support needs. According to NDIS plan management in Sydney, if you are eligible, you must remain within Australia or become a permanent citizen.

If You Aren’t Eligible

You can’t become an NDIS participant and thus can’t get NDIS support. The NDIS management in Sydney will get in touch, explain why you aren’t eligible, and give you reasons for their decision. Furthermore, they will also guide you on what to do next. Alternatively, you can request an internal review if you aren’t satisfied with their reasons. Another NDIS official will review your application and see if there was a mistake.

The NDIS is an essential program that provides much-needed support to disabled people in Australia. However, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria before applying for NDIS support. Eligibility for NDIS is determined by a range of factors, including the person’s disability, age, residency status, and early intervention requirements. By meeting these criteria, disabled people can access the funding and support they need to live fulfilling lives.

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