Four Situations that Call for the Assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney

Four Situations that Call for the Assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have sustained injuries in an accident due to the negligence of another party, you must consult with a Turco Legal, P.C. attorney to know your rights and legal options. An accident can be traumatic, particularly if somebody sustains serious injuries. And the implications that follow the accident can cause significant financial damage to you. 

Thankfully, you may be able to recover compensation for the injuries and losses you sustained if somebody else’s negligence caused the accident. Although you can pursue a claim on your own, working with an attorney provides you with great benefits. The following are situations when working with a personal injury lawyer is important:

You Sustained Catastrophic Injuries

If you suffered from serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries spinal cord injuries, and broken bones, you may incur significant medical bills. Plus, you may not be able to pursue a claim on your own. Fortunately, an attorney can help you focus on your recovery. They will use evidence to determine the value of your claim and work with your treating doctor to know if you need further medical treatment

An Insurance Company Denied Your Claim

Insurance companies deny claims regularly or settle claims for the lowest amount possible. They have people who will use different tactics for lowering, delaying, or denying settlement requests. But you don’t need to worry about this if you have an attorney on your side. A great personal injury attorney understands the tactics that insurers use for settling claims and responds to these effectively. 

Fault for the Accident is in Question

Things can get confusing following an accident and it may not be easy to tell who was to blame. Even if you know the other party was to blame for the accident, the insurance company of this party may deny liability. 

But your attorney can collect and organize evidence to establish liability. They understand local negligence laws and use this knowledge for calculating the value of your claim and ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. 

You Do Not Have the Time Necessary to Seek an Injury Claim

Pursuing compensation after a personal injury involves a lot of steps. It includes collecting evidence, communicating with an insurance company, and seeking medication. Thus, you may not have time to file a claim. And because there is a time limit to when you can file a claim, hiring a reliable personal injury attorney is important.

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