Freshdesk Pricing vs Box Pricing: 2022’s Project Management Content

Software that manages project workflows can be used to improve them. These software can be used to consolidate information, track deadlines and improve team collaboration. This article will discuss Box pricing vs Freshdesk pricing. Both offer many task management tools. This article will also cover their key features, so that you can quickly decide which one is best for your needs.

Freshdesk, a cloud-based customer service system that increases satisfaction and engagement, is available. You can customize the tools to suit your agent role, ticket form, portal, and many other features. This makes ticketing much easier. For better data protection, users can manage their identity and information access. It offers field service modules like omnichannel client engagement and fast query response. Customers can follow deployments with the map view.

Box Software is a cloud-based sharing and information storage service that is designed to facilitate workplace collaboration. It allows for online management of files, documents and presentations. It can interface with nearly all open APIs including Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe. It allows users to edit, review, share, and even delegate digital work. IT is not required for team members to design workflows that can be completed in minutes. This will help speed up business processes.

Freshdesk Project Management Software

Key Features of Freshdesk

Service Management

Field technician groups and make service jobs for tickets based upon their priority and location. The following information is needed to manage field operations:

  • Dashboard to schedule appointments, tasks and perform field team duties.
  • Mobile field service technicians for updates on the go.
  • Trackable hours can be done using automated time tracking.
  • Customers can attach their signatures to service orders with one swipe of the mobile app

Automated Processes

Agents and consumers can be notified automatically about any changes to tickets. Based on the date of an event, you can execute maintenance operations or actions on tickets.

Reporting Capabilities

You can schedule reports and customize them to your needs. Freshdesk allows you to use data in a variety of chart styles and visualizations for actionable insights.

Freshdesk Pricing

The following freshdesk pricing plans are available for Freshdesk software:

  • You can use it by up to 10 agents. This plan includes ticket dispatch and a central knowledge base. It also provides ticket trend reports. You can also select the location of your data center and other options.
  • Growth: This plan is $15 per month per agent. It includes the Free plan’s features, as well as integration with up 1,000 apps and helpdesk reporting. You also get SLA management, business hours, custom ticket views and custom SSL.
  • Pro: The plan is $49/per agent. It supports round-robin routing, 5,000 collaborators and custom roles. Freshdesk Pro Plan subscribers can create custom dashboards and reports. Agents can track customer journeys and create pre-made forms. It also has extensible API limits, SLA reminders and the ability maintain a multilingual knowledgebase.
  • Enterprise: This plan is $79 per month for one agent. This plan includes all the features of the Pro Plan as well as several other additional features. This includes custom objects, managing agent shifts, as well as an assist bot and an email bot. The skill-based routing of agents can be managed as well. Other features include auto-triage, canned response suggestioner, and article suggester.

Additional Bots: For 1,000, additional chatbots, email bots and voicebots cost $75

All subscriptions include a free trial.

Freshdesk Demo

You can request a Freshdesk live demo if you’re interested in this Project Management software. Freshdesk representatives are available to answer questions about the software’s features.

Freshdesk Reviews

GetApp rates Freshdesk at 4.5/5. Freshdesk users find its interface easy to use and quick. Users also like the convenience of Freshdesk’s pre-written responses, which saves them time. Some users find it difficult to create their own view and prefer templates.

Box Project Management Software

Key Features

Relay Documents

An automated workflow can be created to send documents from one stage of the process to another. It can be used to simplify review, approval, onboarding and offboarding. You can simply issue reminders or track file progress.

Note Taking

You can take notes from any device to help you plan, brainstorm, or manage meetings. Instantly access your files from any device, whether you’re on the internet, mobile or desktop. You can also use it to add annotations, comments and picture embedding.

Box Pricing

The cost of the box is 4tiered:

  • This plan is for businesses and costs $20 per user. It is paid monthly. This plan requires a minimum of three users to be subscribed to. The Business Plan provides tools for collaboration across the organization, unlimited storage, as well as technical support during business hours. You can also integrate up to 1,500 apps such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace and Slack. Box Canvas and Box Sign are also available.
  • Business Plus: This plan is $33/per user and costs $33/month. You get all the same features as the Business Plan. Additional features include data protection, advanced search filters, custom metadata, metadata templates and custom metadata.
  • Enterprise: This plan is $47 per user and costs $47 per month. This plan includes all the features of the Business Plus Plan. This plan also provides HIPAA/FedRAMP compliance and document watermarking. It also enforces password policies.
  • Enterprise Plus: This plan’s cost is customized for each company by the Box sales team. You get additional benefits such as Box Sheild and Box Sign, Box Governance, Box Shuttle, and Box Shuttle. It also offers Box Zones and Box Platforms as well as Box GxP.

Box Demo

Box Demo shows the software in action. This demo will help you determine if Box is compatible for your company.

Box Reviews

Reviewers of The Box software have confirmed that it is a safe and secure platform for file management. It eliminates the need to keep local copies of documents. Its interface is also easy to use according to users. However, it can be difficult to master its intricate features.

Our Thoughts

Box and Freshdesk both offer powerful workflow management capabilities. Both Box and Freshdesk pricing are equally competitive, with both offering multiple options. It is up to the user to choose the software that best suits their needs.

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