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distance education

Nowadays, with the advantage of distance learning, you may get easy learning with a good approach. Now, by saving your time and money you can become educated by choosing your desired course. Lovely professional university distance education is the best platform to complete your education in an economical range with the best professionals.

 Moreover, if you want a hostel facility for any practical training of any core program. The university infrastructure is so fine and the campus is so huge which provides the best facilities to its students.

lovely professional university distance education hostels are Wi-Fi enabled and with the best facilities.  You can take both AC and Non-AC rooms according to your requirements and need. All the hostels have basic amenities regarding day-to-day life.  It includes water purifiers, common room, recreation room, mess, TV, laundry services, security, surveillance system, etc.

Access to Indoor Sports Stadium

●       swimming pool

●       warm-up pool

●       shooting range

●       squash court

●       badminton court

●       volleyball court

●       basketball court

  utilize time and money

 The residential faculty & staff provide after-hours guidance and you can solve your queries as well. The students get good support in case they need any academic or life advice. Students have the opportunity to become independent and increase their confidence as well. Students residing on the campus can earn also while doing jobs.  Hence, while studying they can also take up part-time jobs in labs, libraries, sales, shopping malls, etc which makes them financially independent. 

The best part of the distance BCA correspondence program is that you can apply the knowledge to your professional work. Hence, the knowledge you gained in the job that you are pursuing helps to get higher positions. Distance BCA also opens up chances to pursue higher education in computers and after that, you can pursue MCA after completing distance BCA.  It also amplifies career options in the rapidly growing IT sector in India.

The courses that have been offered by distance BCA are related to computer Applications and all related to the technological world. In the course, you study various topics of BCA and its computer languages. You may get deep knowledge about hardware, database, software, python, cloud computing, oracle, and various other computer languages with this particular course.

Distance BCA also includes some of the other study topics which give you many advantages.  These include networking, data structure, core programming languages, software engineering, object-oriented programming, web scripting, and development. These topics have been covered for the whole of 3-years. The students may learn about the complete BCA course in a semester divided into six.

​Distance BCA Curriculum And Subjects

The distance BCA course is divided into semester systems.  These are divided into 3 years to 6 years over six semesters to complete the whole course. The whole curriculum of distance BCA is meticulously planned and designed accordingly. So, the program provides you with the inculcation knowledge about computer skills. Distance BCA courses are constructed to provide a wide knowledge of computers programming. Now you may get deep theoretical knowledge of computer languages. It includes such as C++, Python, and databases along with networking which gives you deep insights into these programming languages.

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