Handy Tips to Take Care of your Gemstone Jewelry Rings

Gemstone jewelry

Highly Vibrant, Exquisite And Precious Gemstone Jewelry Rings.

They are not merely pieces of stones attached to metallic support. By surging the aesthetics and glow of your fingers, adorning yourself with those rings works like a magic.

But, the everlasting beauty and elegance of these rings can be protected only if they are properly taken care of by the owner.

Whether it’s a larimar ring, moonstone ring, or highly precious black opal ring, every gemstone demands care and concern.

Furthermore, it’s quite obvious for these rings get tarnished or lost their shine when regularly exposed to the impurities of the external environment.

But the good news is that you can retain and restore the lost shine and shimmer of those luminous and ethereal gemstone rings.

Here are a couple of handful tips to take care of your gemstone jewelry yrings.

Cleaning your Gemstone Rings

Compared to other jewelry ornaments, rings are comparatively soft and delicate.

So, when it comes to cleaning them, you need to be cautious. If not adhered to the right approach, you might end up losing a precious piece of gemstone ring from your jewelry collection.

External dirt and dust usually settle down on the surface of gemstone rings. By forming a layer, they cover the shine of those rings. This makes them appear pale and dull.

Well, all you need to remove that layer of dirt and dust is a soap-water solution. Here is a guide to that:

P.S.: Don’t leave the gemstone in water the r for too long. It can damage it beyond your expectations

Storing Gemstone Rings

You are done with cleaning and restoring the lost beauty and charm of your gemstone rings. But the process is not finished yet.

If you are going to wear your gemstone rings permanently, then storing them might not be your concern. However, highly precious and exquisite pieces like turquoise rings or black opal ring are meant to be for special occasions.

The first rule for storing all sorts of gemstone jewelry is that “never leave them in an open area or box”. All sorts of gemstones are vulnerable to humidity and moisture.

So, to ensure their protection when not in use, always use air-tight plastic bags or zip locks to store them.

Pack them separately. For instance, if you kept a diamond ring with moonstone rings, then the comparatively soft and tender moonstone rings will end up getting damaged when banging against the diamond.

Always store them in a cool and dry place. The best practice is to continue using the jewelry box given by the jeweller.

Wearing your Gemstone Rings

The best and simplest way to ensure proper care of your gemstone rings is to simply wear them.

The natural oils of your body get absorbed by these rings. This, in turn, protects them from tarnishing and losing their elegance and beauty.

Well, it is equally important to carefully handle them if you are going to treat them as a part of your body.

A Few Do’s And’s About Caring For Gemstone Rings:

  • Don’t let your rings get scratched against hard and rough surfaces
  • Keep them away from chemicals and cosmetics
  • High temperature and heat could cause them to break
  • Remove theme while doing household stuff like cleaning or gardening
  • Clean them immediately if they get a bit dirty or tarnished

Wrapping Up.

Stupendous and adorable gemstone rings leave no stone unturned in adding grace to gracious women.

The only condition to retain their beauty and charm is to be a little cautious and attentive about their care and cleaning.

That’s all on your side. Adorn them with pride. Flaunt their beauty. And preserve those precious pieces of gemstones for your succeeding generations.

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Happy Shopping!

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