How a business Coach can change your life

How a business Coach can change your life

As a manager, business person or executive, or an entrepreneur, you’ve likely heard the term ownership. The word can mean a lot of things and many use it in a variety of ways. The meaning and definition aren’t able to penetrate an entire organization.

Let me tell you about a personal experience I think is a sign of the importance of ownership.

I had a dental appointment last week. I’m terrified of going to the dentist business. So getting an appointment and then showing up was an accomplishment in alone. I was welcomed by a member of staff and life coach in my area instead of simply taking my to the dentist chair and leaving me in a state of panic the staff member displayed an immense amount of care. She explained the procedures as well as introduced the hygienist and dentist and guided me through the process of treatment. During my long appointment, that same staff member checked me in I was able to drink water (unprompted) as well as explained the billing procedures business as well as insurance coverage. And generally made sure that I was in a comfortable position.

Will help make future visits even more pleasant

 When I was finished with the appointment, this employee helped me check out. And arranging a subsequent appointment and took myself to the parking lot. After I returned home, I received an email with a personal message by the staff membe, Confirming that I was pleased with my visit , and urging me to provide them with any feedback that. Will help make future visits even more pleasant. Following my appointment. I got a phone call from the staff member asking if I required anything and if was okay. While I was there business. I observed different staff doing the same thing for other patients.

WOW. I’ll tell you that I’ve never imagined this type of treatment from the dentist. Not only have I been back, but I’ve recommended at least five people to this dental office.

Employees or staff members should be demonstrated by your own actions

The ownership displayed by this employee has made the experience entirely unlike the negative expectation I was expecting. The employee was accountable of my experience. And also during my time at work she was personally responsible for my care.

This kind of service and coaching for female executives showing of ownership isn’t something that happens by itself. It is essential to create an environment in which all employees share the same attitude. How can you create the seed of ownership in your business? In the beginning, the behavior you would like to see for your direct employees. Or staff members should be demonstrated by your own actions.

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