How To Write A Perfect Business Letter

Perfect Business Letter

With technological advancement, email has replaced conventional printed business letters. Although, emails are the fastest way of sending business information too far of place. But, still, no one can ignore the charm of presenting business information printed on attractive letterheads. If you want to write a good business letter you must be aware of the following things;

How To Write A Perfect Business Letter

This guide will open new paths if you are running a business and are willing to write a perfect business letter.

Step 1

The first step in writing a business letter is the selection of a letterhead design. The business must represent the theme of your company. You can hire a graphic designer to make the letterhead of your choice. If you want to seek help in choosing letterhead designs, then you can get google help. Google can help to know what kind of template can best suit your company logo. All you need to do is select one template and use Xerox® colour printers to make many copies out of it.

Step 2

After selecting an attractive letterhead design, you have to follow step 2. Step 2 is the selection of the appropriate business letter format.

The most common format style of business letters is the ‘book style.’ In book-style format, you have to align the text in the extreme left corner of the page.

 Formatting details of such business letters include;

  • Use single-line spacing
  • Between paragraphs, you can use a double-spaced format.
  • The margin all around the page should be 1 inch.
  • To better understand formatting details, you can use built-in letter wizards (a feature of Microsoft Word office).

Step 3

The formatting details will help to make your letter look better. Another important thing you must know before writing a business letter is the ‘Structure of the letter.’

Essential components of the Business Letter

The essential components of a business letter are as follows;

  • Personal information
  • Date
  • Recipient information
  • Opening Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Closing Salutation
  • Signature
Personal information

At the extreme right side of the paper, give your personal information. The personal information may include;

  • Sender’s Name
  • Sender’s Email address
  • Sender’s Contact Number
  • Senders’ Designation
  • Company Name
  • Company’s Postal address

It would be best if you mentioned a date of correspondence written after the personal information section.

Recipient information

In the recipient information section, you can write anything about the recipient. A few things that you can write in this section are;

  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Contact Number
  • Recipient Email address
  • Recipient designation
  • Recipient postal address
Opening salutation

Opening Salutation is a way of giving respect to whom you are going to address in the body of the letter. You can select any of the following salutations;

Informal Salutations

Although Business letters are the formal way of communication among different parties, you can also have some informal salutations. Like you can write ‘dear’ if you know the recipient personally.

Formal salutation

Formal salutations are useful if you don’t have friendly d relations with the recipient.

  • If you know the recipient’s name, you can write his sir name like ‘Dear William.’
  • If you don’t know the recipient, you can write, ‘Respected ma’am/ Respected sir.’

After addressing the recipient, you can start the body of the business letter.

While writing the body of the business letter, make sure you are using formal language. The use of slags and informal language can have a negative impact on the reader. Apart from formal language, you can consider the following points to make it perfect.

  • Use simple words
  •  Don’t be over efficient
  • No need to add unnecessary details
  •  Come to the point shortly
  •  Try to sum up your message in a few well-organised lines.

You can also hire a freelance copywriting service if you can’t write the body on your own.

Closing Salutation

A closing salutation is another important way to give your letter a professional look. In this section, you can add the following things;

  • Yours sincerely
  • Respectfully
  • Regards

In case of a less formal letter, you can write

  • See you soon
  • Best of luck
  •  Anxiously waiting for your reply
  • Please reply if you are interested
  • Your opinions are precious to us

At the end of the business letter, please write your signature. The signatures right after the closing salutation will ensure your presence. After writing your signatures, you can add your professional details after giving four blank spaces. You can also add your designation stamp.

Step 4

After drafting the business letter, the final step is proofreading. It will help if you proofread what you have typed. Proofreading can help you to find the most common typing errors.

While proofreading your document, you must have the following things in your mind;

  1. Your text is free from grammatical errors.
  2. It must be free from syntactic errors.
  3. It must not include unnecessary details.
  4. Check the logical flow between paragraphs.
  5. You can seek help from the person sitting in the next cabin to help in proofreading.
  6. First, you confirm the accuracy of the content you have typed. Once you are confident enough, print the hard form of the letter.
  7. After printing the document, take an eagle view of the presentation of the letter.
  8. Proofreading the hard copy of the letterhead will help you locate some hidden mistakes.
  9. If the hard form of the letter is free from errors, then fold the letter into three neat creases. Then enclose the letter into the attractive envelope and set it out.

I hope this article will help you to write a perfect business letter. If you are still have confusion about writing a perfect business letter, you can review some relevant templates.

The available business letter templates will give you ideas about sentence structure appropriate for writing a perfect business letter.

From different business letters templates, you can get ideas too;

  • What should be the length of the sentence in a perfect business letter?
  • How can you use precise formal language?

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