Interesting Facts About Charter Jets Not  Many Know About

Interesting Facts About Charter Jets Not  Many Know About

Chartering a private jet is the utmost experience of traveling with the extravagance of flying in perfect style. Every year millions of people fly on private jets. Charter flights offer the highest level of convenience and comfort. Travellers widely use them for pleasure as well as business. In this article, you’ll explore very interesting facts about charter jets that you might have never heard before.

The Most Costly Private Jet Costs $500 million.

When you consider flying in private jets, you’re likely considering a small to average-size aircraft that features some rows of seats and a cockpit. You’re certainly not picturing three separate floors with a staircase and an elevator, prayer rooms that are mobile, grand pianos, concert halls, and an eminent parking area along with stables. The Airbus A380 features it all, enough for nearly a thousand passengers. The Airbus A380 is not only the biggest private jet out there but also the priciest.

Half a billion dollars is a lot of money to drop on any stuff. However, that did not stop a Saudi prince from spending that much on an incredibly amazing private jet. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud’s massive private jet charter to Saudi Arabia is little more than an actual palace that flies through the sky.

The Demand for Private Jets Increased During COVID-19 Pandemic

Many private jet aviation companies documented up to 40 percent more growth in consumer interest in private flights during the ongoing pandemic. So, it’s undoubtedly not false to claim that the private jet aviation industry is thriving by leaps and bounds, and it is continuously expected to boost further in the forthcoming period to come.

It was usually believed that the sales and demand for private jets witnessed a downfall during the COVID-19 pandemic. This, however, was not the actual case. Individuals generally prefer flying on private jets because of numerous factors. These factors include more privacy, feeling lessened health risks since they travel select whom they travel with, and of course, a greater level of convenience and comfort.

The Very First Private Jet Charter Flight Was in The Year 1963

Private jets have been flying since a long time ago, for a period of approximately more than fifty years. One of the earliest companies to fabricate private jets – Bill Lear’s iconic Lear Jet was out of Wichita, Kansas, on October 7, 1963. During the year that followed later, the company released its very first production model.

It is the fastest-growing segment of the aviation industry.

Private jet charter is a US billion-dollar industry. It is forecasted to grow by leaps and bounds, let’s say 10% per year. This service industry helps you to choose your aircraft and fly when you dream of flying. As opposed to scheduled flight alternatives which are offered by commercial airlines, private flights give you the most comfortable access to any destinations you want within a short period. It means that you can fulfill all your needs in the shortest possible time utilizing flying on a private jet charter. All these advantages can not be found in any other kind of private transportation.

People Follow Celebrities Trend of Owing Personal Charter Jets

This is not just a surprising fact but also indeed worth mentioning! Renowned personalities and high-profile celebrities own private jets for their travel requirements.

For instance, Oprah Winfrey is the owner of Gulfstream G650. She credits one of her uncomfortable experiences at an airport in 1991 as the pivotal reason for purchasing her charter jet.

Taylor Swift also owns a personal charter jet named Dassault Falcon 900. Bill Gates (creator of Microsoft) is a proud owner of Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. Tom Cruise has a Gulfstream GIV, while Jim Carrey is famously known to have a Gulfstream V that is also being provided to his fans for traveling on a substantial rent that is charged per ride. Jay Z, Jackie Chan, Kylie Jenner, Donald Trump, and Mark Cuban are other famous celebrities who own private charter jets.

Wrapping UpFlying in private jets has undoubtedly become a go-to choice for those looking to have a convenient, ultra-luxury, and comfortable travel experience. They offer incredible flexibility and a bespoke travel experience catering to the desires of every flier. There will be no looking back once you have flown in an aircraft charter. Moreover, after such an incredible experience, travelling on a commercial plane will never be the same!

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