Introducing Cactus Corn’s New Southwest Inspired Flavors!

There’s a lot to love about the southwest. We have beautiful sunsets, rare cactus and one of a kind flavors. The flavors that best represent the southwest are spicy chiles, prickly pear, and culturally rich street foods. If you enjoy the heat, desert landscapes and robust spices, you’ll love the southwest, and especially Arizona.

Try The Best Flavors The Southwest Had To Offer!

If you’re planning a visit to the Valley, you need to get your hands on locally made and family owned Cactus Corn. They offer gourmet popcorn and other snacks that you can’t find anywhere else. They’ve created unique flavors that highlight the best Arizona has to offer. Not only that but they use simple and natural ingredients so you get all the flavor without any of the artificial chemicals.

White Cheddar Jalapeno popcorn is deliciously cheesy with just a hint of all natural jalapeno spice for the perfect Arizona snack. The best part is, you can take this popcorn home with you now that they offer easy online ordering.

Prickly Pear Kettle corn has a one of a kind sweet and fruity flavor that can only be found in the southwest. Made with real prickly pear, this pink popcorn will have you falling in love with the desert and everything Arizona has to offer.

Roasted Street Corn is a unique flavor that incorporates some of the rich history of the southwest. Made with real cheese, lime and cilantro, you won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

No matter what flavor you choose, you’ll be diving deep into a bag of gourmet popcorn that highlights all the best parts of the southwest. And since Cactus Corn uses simple, all natural and non-GMO ingredients, you’ll feel good about getting all the authentic flavors without the harmful chemicals.

You’ll also fall in love with their other flavors: Original Kettle popcorn, Sweet Butter Caramel popcorn, and Happy Birthday Cake popcorn. New customers can get 15% off when they order online at

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