Is Employee Tracking Software a technique to Spy on Field Employees?

Is Employee Tracking Software a technique to Spy on Field Employees

Before I start sharing my opinion and facts, I want to ask you – Do you think Employee Tracking Software are a new technique to spy on employees? 

Let me put this categorically here – it is not. Spying happens secretly, whereas monitoring happens after consent. Employee Management software monitors employees only when they are on duty. The app stops sharing data with the manager when an employee goes off work.  

Employee Monitoring Software for on-field Workforce Management

Managing a scattered workforce of hundreds of people can be too much. Employee management software brings the entire field force on one platform and simplifies tracking the performance of employees. Primarily, the field employee tracking system attains the balance between employees, tasks, clients’ needs, and companies’ interests.

An advanced workforce monitoring system offers the following solutions that ensure complete field force management (which is far away from spying). 

  • Flawless Task Management 
  • The task management tool is a big help to managers and executives. It makes delegating tasks and reporting task status so much easier. It tapers the hassle of calling each employee and asking for a report or maintaining email threads for the same. Monitor the timeline, progress, and status of the task along with the performance of employees.
  • Geocoded Attendance Marking 
  • The managers can not question or make assumptions about their executives’ working hours or their actual location as the software does everything automatically. It takes the coordinates of their current location. There is also an option to share the visual proof of their presence. The dashboard gives the real-time status of everybody’s availability on the field – number active, inactive, on duty, not reachable and on the way employees. 
  • Leave Monitoring Solutions
  • There is no need to use one software to apply/reject leaves and different software to manage/tally leaves. The software also ensures that the manager receives instant notification when an executive applies for leave. The software also keeps sending reminders when the number of leaves keeps piling up. The miscalculation of absence, presence and half days due to human error is also impossible. 
  • Expense Management Tool
  • Expense management is one of the most crucial tools in employee monitoring software. Field employees get extra allowances as they stay on the field most of the time. However, this is an optional solution you may or may not opt for. It helps managers set the allowance limit, track the expense history of employees and track the expense claim/settlement. It is convenient for executives and managers to keep track of expenses and reimbursement. 
  • Document Management

The software-enabled employee management system takes off the pain of paperwork. It digitalises reports, id/address proofs, feedback forms, or any other task that requires paper use. It not only simplifies archiving documents but also makes it easy to look for them online from anywhere at any time for example document signing software. 

What is the need to live track the employee on the field?

Live tracking of employees is not like tracking them 24*7 and every move of theirs. It stops the very moment the employee goes off duty. Employee live tracking helps in forming other reports. It is more about keeping a tab on employees’ ETA, tracking the speed at which they move or checking their current location in case an urgent requirement comes from nearby. TrackoField is management-friendly employee monitoring software which respects employee privacy and personal space.

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