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Israelis, duel-citizens and foreigners living in Israel can rely on David Page Law for any legal advice or representation regarding all business law, real estate law and intellectual law needs.

The David Page Law office specializes in American business law, Israel business law and American-Israel business law. David Page is licensed to practice law in New York State and in Israel so regardless of whether your issue involves the Israeli legal system, the American legal system or a combination of both legal systems, the David Page Law office can expedite your case in a way that meets your individual needs and expectations.


David Page Law provides legal assistance for all matters relating to commercial law including the registration of patents and trademarks in America and in Israel, real estate law, corporate law including mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance and more. The law office has extensive experience in the high-tech and start-up world to assist companies as they move through the maze of investments, funding and actualizations.

Real Estate Law

If you are buying, building or renting a property in Israel, David Page Law will guide you through the process of confirming documentation, obtaining needed licenses and registrations and navigating the tax structure. David Page Law can also expedite any financial transactions, review mortgage or rental agreements, assist with negotiations with a contractor, guide the client through the dissolution of property partnership agreements and expedite claims against a contractor.

Estates and Wills

If you want to create an Israeli estate plan or will or one that will be recognized in both the United State and in Israel, you can rely on David Page Law. As a lawyer licensed in both New York State and in Jerusalem, Israel, David Page Law can help you navigate the laws and tax structures in both countries so that your wishes will be honored in both countries and your tax burden will be minimized regardless of the country in which the estate plan or will is executed.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies that need to obtain a CE Mark for a new medical device, obtain approval for a new medication from the FDA or approval for an Off the Counter medication can turn to David Page Law. David Page Law has extensive experience in navigating the field of regulatory bureaucracies so that the appropriate applications and specifications are met to enable the medicine or device be accepted for testing as quickly as possible

Intellectual Law

The field of patent and trademark registration is a complicated area of law.  Many clients are unaware that obtaining a patent or trademark in one country doesn’t necessarily protect the intellectual property in another country. David Page law has the knowledge and experience to process intellectual property applications in all necessary jurisdictions to ensure that the property is protected in all legal ways possible.

David Page Law

As a licensed lawyer in both the United States and in Israel, David Page Law has the background and knowledge needed to make sure that your legal rights are protected in all jurisdictions. David Page is a licensed mediator/arbitrator and he represents clients in front of Israel’s civil and religious courts. He can assist you in all aspects of commercial and corporate law, with estate planning, wills, intellectual law and other financial law issues.

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