New Crypto pump on Sunday

Hello everyone, the next official signal will be scheduled for :

Date : Sunday November 6

Time : 16:00 pm GMT

Exchange : KUCOIN

Advantage : Free for all

With the success of our previous signals and a big altseason coming, we are ready to announce our next big pump. With our volumes averaging 7 to 80 million $ per pump and peaks reaching up to 750% we expect our upcoming signal to be massive. We have decided to start pumping on KUCOIN for multiple reasons. We believe that with our massive buying power we will be able to reach over 2000%+ easily possibly even more. After the previous signal and hours of discussion with our team, we have decided to schedule our next signal in 5 days to make sure that we are fully prepared. Our main goal for this pump signal will be to make sure that every single member in our group makes a massive profit. With our ability to keep creating the most powerful and biggest pumps , we will take every opportunity we can get. We welcome everyone to join us as we create the next big pump all traders and investors all over the world have been waiting for.

We have 5 days to prepare for this massive pump, this event will be the biggest one that we have done in the history of our group and will top our previous ones in terms of % gain. Instructions will be given out in the upcoming days to make sure all our members are prepared for kucoin. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of people all across the world to attend this pump and possibly more than a million people across all social medias will be watching. Be prepared. We will be giving out more information when we are closer to the signal date, stay tuned!

Join us you won’t regret it.

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