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Karjat, which is situated in the basin of the Ulhas River, is a popular weekend retreat from Mumbai. Due to its beautiful natural surroundings, mountains, forts, and ancient rock-cut cave temples, Karjat is well-known among trekkers. The average elevation of Karjat is 636 feet. Its temperature and natural beauty make it the perfect location for adventure sports including river rafting on the Ulhas River, waterfall climbing, and rappelling. Morbe Dam is a fantastic location for boating, and the area around the dam is ideal for a relaxing picnic. According to adventure lovers, trekking routes are the most well-liked. The monsoon season is the best season for individuals seeking adventure. White water rafting is practised in the Ulhas River’s higher sections.

 Nest Villa

A luxurious Portuguese property with a minimalist design, pops of colour, and contemporary furnishings, the Nest villa in Karjat with a private pool will transport you to a professional setting. It emits grace, tranquilly, and a pleasant demeanour. Three bedrooms, a lovely pool, and a well-lit pool deck are all features of the home. Because it is an EKO STAY villa, visitors may be certain of the standard of the accommodations and the level of service.

Eclipse House

The ideal setting for your ideal vacation is the Eclipse Villa in Karjat, which has a private pool. The 3 BHK Villa is the best place to relax or just take in the stunning views from every point of our homestay thanks to its lovely decor and private pool.

Villa Simba

The straightforward design, wonderful colour, and contemporary style of Simba Villa will put you in a peaceful state. It exudes sophistication, serenity, and a positive attitude. Three bedrooms, a private pool, and a breathtaking view of the hills and verdant vegetation surround this rental property in Karjat.

Karjat villas provide a wide range of facilities.

A variety of facilities are available in the villas in Karjat to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and comfortable. There is a pool in every EKOSTAY villa in Karjat, so you can chill and unwind without being concerned about other people getting in the pool with you. Exclusive, luxurious villas with pools at Ekostay in Karjat feature large lawns where you can engage in outdoor activities or host a BBQ night with your loved ones while gazing at the sky. A melamine refrigerator, microwave, gas stove, and dishes and cutlery are all included in a fully furnished kitchen. On-site food preparation is permitted for visitors. The carer can also help you with breakfast and other household chores.


In general, monsoons are breathtaking. On the other side, the monsoons in Maharashtra are spectacular. They make space for breathtaking views, luxuriant greenery, and beautiful flower blossoms. There are other surrounding hill towns and cities in Maharashtra that are great to explore in the monsoon. On the other side, Lonavala tops the list for the ideal road trip during the monsoon. Whether you drive alone or hire a cab from Mumbai to Lonavala, the journey is beautiful. Lonavala offers roomy villa rentals with serene surroundings, flowing ghats, and tranquil panoramas. After reading our list of places to stop on your trip to Lonavala to truly make it a monsoon holiday to remember, you may be able to travel the distance between Mumbai and Lonavala in the most scenic manner conceivable!

Residences in Lonavala

Tranquil Villa

Everything is calm and beautiful, including the private pool-equipped Ekostay Tranquil Villa in Lonavala. This three-bedroom, gorgeous property is a jewel with its contemporary decor and cosy furniture. The greatest in elegance and security can be found in this gated community, which is housed in one of the best villa societies. This home boasts a private pool, lots of greenery, and a happy vibe. Visitors can play badminton or just unwind on the lawn.

Villa Blue Pebble

A 4 BHK Ekostay Blue Pebble Villa  in Lonavala home with a stylish interior that is situated close to Narayani Dham in the Tungarli neighbourhood of Lonavala. With a private pool and a stunning setting, it is the ideal home away from home. It also has comfortable furniture and a spacious layout. You may come here for a fun weekend getaway with your friends, family, or even your furry pets and let loose. The Property is a standalone property with a beautiful outside setting, comfortable lighting, and a cheerful atmosphere.

SKY Villa

The Ekostay Sky Villa in Lonavala is the epitome of a peaceful vacation since it is hidden away in the hills. You might be interested in the effortless decor, the feeling of luxury, and the homage to vintage Bollywood. Our 3 BHK Villa is the ideal mountain refuge to make your stay unique because it is far from the annoying throng of Lonavala. After their trip to Tiger Point, visitors may unwind by the exclusive pool and take in a hearty BBQ meal with loved ones. You are welcome to come here with loved ones, friends, or even your four-legged companions and let go.

Crest Villa

The Ekostay Crest Villa in Lonavala is a vast 3 BHK Villa on the Aamby Valley Road, 8 kilometres before Aamby Valley City. With its professionally done decor and roomy layout, the villa emanates a new vibe, making it an excellent home away from home. With a hill view and a well-kept communal pool, as well as plenty of lush green lawn, it’s the ideal place to unwind at any time of year. To bring out your competitive side, the society has a communal game space equipped with Foosball, Table Tennis, Pool Table, and Air Hockey. A tranquil escape ideal for families and friends to relax and unwind, or bring your four-legged pals. The villa can host up to 12 people.

Paramount Villa.

Flaunting minimalist design with bursts of colour and contemporary furnishing, the interiors of my villa will transport you to a vacational vibe. It exuNo matter where in Maharashtra you want to spend your holiday, Ekostay has you covered with a huge selection of villas, from budget-friendly to opulent villas with the best facilities and a personal caretaker to help you during your stay!

Villa in Alibaug, 

Your vacation will be unforgettable thanks to this gorgeous 5 BHK property in Alibaug with a private pool and a sizable green yard. You may relax outside or host a memorable party with your friends and family in the well-lit gazebo and outdoor seats. You will feel calmed by the wonderful and pleasant rustic ambience. The pool at Bali Villa in Alibaug is big enough for a game of volleyball and scoring goals!

Casa Royale in Alibaug

Residence Casa Royale in Alibaug Ekostay For any group of 12–15 people looking to relax, Casa Royale, a roomy 6 BHK holiday villa in Alibaug, is a hassle-free accommodation option. The house features five straightforwardly built suite rooms, each with a separate living area and bathroom. On request, additional mattresses are available. There is one communal bathroom and attached bathrooms in each of the rooms. Only a portion of the kitchen is finished. Your group will have enough of room to play cricket or engage in other outdoor activities because the grass is so large. The house offers a games room and a private pool (with a table tennis and carrom board).

Villa Casa Zul in Alibaug Ekostay At Alibaug, Mumbai’s counterpart of the Hamptons, Casa Zul is a charming 3 BHK villa away from the bustle of the city. It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to extend your holiday to stay here a little bit longer, whether you like to relax and soak up the sun in the outdoor private pool or indulge in BBQ dinners surrounded by a fireplace to keep you warm in the evenings for an additional price. This opulent residence, which is only a short distance from Thal Beach, is all about a sun-kissed tropical hideaway with lovely grounds and a pool in the convenience of a vacation home.

Residence Nest in Karjat

The interiors of this stunning Portuguese home in Karjat will take you to a vacationing mood with its minimalist style, pops of colour, and modern furnishings. It radiates grace, serenity, and good vibes. The house has three bedrooms, a magnificent pool, and an illuminated pool deck. Guests may feel assured in the quality and service of their stay because it is an EKO STAY resort.

Karjat’s Simba Villa

This villa’s interiors will transport you to a vacation-like experience with its straightforward design, gorgeous colour scheme, and modern furniture. It radiates grace, serenity, and good vibes. Three bedrooms, a private pool, and a panoramic view of mountains and lush vegetation are all features of the home. Guests may feel assured in the quality and service of their stay because it is an EKO STAY resort.

peaceful home in Lonavala

Everything is calm and beautiful, especially the Ekostay Tranquil Villa in Lonavala. This three-bedroom, gorgeous property is a jewel with its contemporary decor and cosy furniture. The greatest in elegance and security can be found in this gated community, which is housed in one of the best villa societies. This house has a private pool, lots of greenery, and good vibes. Visitors are welcome to rest on the grounds or play badminton.

Panvel Caribbean Villa

The Caribbean Villa is a 2BHK villa with a gazebo area by the pool and is located by a river in Panvel. It is a property unlike any other and will take your breath away with its lush grass and swimming pool. The exteriors and interiors combine colonial, wooden, and modern design elements and have a charming appeal. Despite the evident old-world beauty of this wonderful home, the contemporary amenities more than make up for it. Build up an appetite while admiring the gorgeous vistas in preparation for a barbecue on the lawns with friends and family. Just unwind and appreciate the beautiful surroundings as they transform from brightly lit days to starry nights.

Alibaug Sea Breeze Villa

This property is perfect if you wish to escape the city’s bustle and unwind in the middle of nature close to the beach. Instead of feeling like a villa, the house has a farmhouse/bungalow vibe about it. Twelve guests can stay in the property. We may provide up to four more beds if the visitors request them. The three bedrooms each have their own bathroom. A spacious outside area with badminton, hammocks, palm trees, a Barbeque, and a bonfire is available at the villa.

Villa Ranch in Nashik

Ekostay offers stunning gardens and a pool. The Ranch Villa in Nashik is a 4 BHk Villa with an outhouse with two bedrooms that is located on a stud farm. This unique house will transport you to a another universe. Build up an appetite while admiring the gorgeous vistas in preparation for a barbecue on the lawns with friends and family. You may indulge yourself and ride horses at the on-site stud farm for a charge, or you can just relax indoors with your loved ones while you spend the entire day taking in the breathtaking surroundings, which transition from brightly lit days to starry nights.

Villa Pablo in Pune

Ekostay Pune’s Pablo Villa is a three-bedroom home with opulent, colourful furnishings that honour the city’s Deccan heritage. You have all the solitude and quiet you want from the balcony here, which views out over lovely landscape and a lake. All of your meal locations have been prearranged; you may enjoy breakfast on the terrace, lunch by the pool, and dinner on the lovely grass around a bonfire. You have plenty of space to unwind thanks to the mezzanine level in the living area. A housekeeper looks after the Villa, and home-cooked meals can be ordered for an additional cost. Come here and let your hair down with your family, friends, or even your four-legged buddies.des elegance, peace and positive energy. The open windows and sliding glass doors brighten it up the entire house, making it pleasingly light and airy. The property features 4 bedrooms, a private pool and badminton set up and a lit-up pool deck. It is an EKO STAY property, hence one can rest assured about the quality and service of the stay.

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