Preserve Food Items with Wax Paper Bags Wholesale

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Why Personalized Wax Paper Bags?

Wax paper bags are widely used in the kitchen to pack food. These custom bags preserve your oily food items. Moreover, personalized packaging with kraft and cardboard material makes your boxes durable and gives an attractive look. The impressively presented boxes grab the client’s attention and leave an incredible impression on buyers.

How Do Wholesale Wax Paper Bags Benefit Your Food Brand?

Custom wax paper bags are very beneficial for a food brand. They can benefit your food business in several ways, such as:

  1. Custom wax paper bags are cost-effective.
  2. Printed wax paper bags keep your food products warm and fresh for longer. 
  3. Wholesale wax paper bags preserve food from contamination and dust.
  4. Wax paper bags printed with the brand logo advertise your brand and, as a result, boost sales.

Wax Paper Bags in Diverse Sizes:

Our manufacturers craft wax paper bags in diverse sizes. So, you can choose the size of your custom wax paper bags according to the quantity and sizes of the products. The perfect size of bags keeps your products in the exact place and, while on display, gives an amazing look.

Make your Boxes More Appealing with Remarkable Prints:

We are living in a post-modern world. There has been a revolution in the packaging industry. Customers do not want their products packed in drab packaging. They wanted to get rid of ordinary packaging. So, we at Urgent Boxes offer various printing alternatives to make your designs unique and eye-catching. We manufacture your custom boxes with the world’s best printing machines.

Our printing methods include:

  • offset printing method
  • digital printing method

Offset and digital are two diverse printing techniques. In digital printing, prints get ready effortlessly with the quickest turnaround time. On the other hand, offsetting is more expensive and time-consuming than digital printing. Offset is the cheapest method to get prints ready in large quantities. Both of these methods result in accurate and outstanding prints.

Captivate Clients with Multiple Colors Custom Boxes:

The intriguing color packaging of custom paper bags can be a great source to garb the target audience. Color designs attract people more than simple packaging. We have CMYK and PMS color choices in custom packaging. CMYK is a four-color print model that is low in cost. In comparison, PMS is high in price and produces multi-color shades.

You can choose color prints that suit your brand budget limits. Furthermore, you can use the no-printing option if your custom boxes do not require printing.

Manufacturing of Boxes with 100% Eco-Friendly and Durable Material:

We at Urgent Boxes utilize premium quality material. Kraft and cardboard are 100% safe for the environment and make your custom wax paper bags durable. Kraft paper bags secure your food products from moisture and contamination. Moreover, kraft packaging is biodegradable and can be decomposed without causing any damage to the surroundings. In cardboard, you can transform custom boxes in any shape and dimension. In contrast to cardboard and kraft, corrugated is a sturdy stock that strengthens packaging and assists in secure shipping.

Make Your Wholesale Paper Bags More Intriguing and Alluring with Additional Add-Ons:

We offer extensive coatings and embellishments to create aesthetically appealing packaging for printed wax paper bags. These are listed below:

  • matte lamination
  • gloss lamination
  • aqueous coating
  • spot UV
  • embossing
  • debossing
  • gluing
  • foil stamping
  • silver and gold foiling
  • PVC sheets
  • windows cut-outs
  • perforations
  • inserts and handles

Get Free Cost Design Guidance from our Expert Designers:

Do you not know about customized packaging boxes and looking for innovative and unique printed designs for wholesale wax paper bags? Then you are at an ideal place. We at Urgent Boxes design boxes in various styles and forms and provide free-of-cost design support from our experts. So, contact our customer service team and convey your plan to them. They will guide you in manufacturing an ideal custom box.

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