Semi-permanent nail polish, what it is, and what tools are needed

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Always having your hands in order is a symptom of great mental tranquility. Beautiful and well-groomed nails tell of a bubbly and positive personality. But how to achieve this result? Simple, with semi-permanent nail polish or the perfect intermediate solution between classic nail polish and gel nail reconstruction. Semi-permanent nail polish, unlike traditional products, ensures a perfect and long-lasting manicure (at least a couple of weeks). Thus, one will no longer have to worry – in this period – about seeing unsightly spoilage appear or seeing nails with beautiful colors already chipped a few hours after application.

Manicure, a constantly evolving planet

The application of semi-permanent nail polish, however, is not as simple as it might seem at a first impressions. It would help if you equipped yourself with special tools, but above all, you can’t improvise. The essential thing is to develop some technical skills, so as not to run the risk of compromising the health of the nail extensions near me, nor the duration of the treatment or its performance from a purely aesthetic point of view. Sandra Martone’s blog collects the best tips and tricks concerning this colorful and ever-changing world. In this article, we will try to focus on how semi-permanent nail polish is applied and above all which tools are needed to obtain stylistically impeccable results. Visit here Nail extensions near me

Our nails speak of us, of our personality and they can reveal our overall state of health. We experience the relationship with the image that we see reflected in the mirror every day in a very different way than in the past. We always try to be perfect and beautiful, especially for ourselves, plus we want to give a positive and successful image in our relationships with others and especially in the workplace.

How semi-permanent nail polish works

Semi-permanent nail polish is a cosmetic product whose main feature is that it is photo-hardening. What does it mean? Simply that the color hardens in the presence of a heat source: it must be applied and polymerized using a special lamp. The gesture of application on our nail extensions near me is the same as applying a classic nail polish, only that – as mentioned – the semi-permanent ensures greater duration over time. We have said that it is offered as an intermediate solution between traditional nail polishes and gel reconstruction: compared to the latter, the semi-permanent in turn has a shorter duration and therefore requires more frequency as regards the application (but removal is easier ).

What is needed to start applying semi-permanent nail polish?

To try your hand at the practice of manicure with this specific product you will need some technical tools and accessories. All it takes is a little practice to be able in a short time to create beautiful and perfect nails like the ones you have just come out of a salon. We have learned to value, especially in this historical era, the time spent within the walls of the house: dedicating yourself to activities that make us feel good about our body is undoubtedly a winning choice.

What are the essential tools for applying and removing semi-permanent?

It is primarily the buffer and the primer. One serves to file the nail until it becomes porous, in this way the products that will be used later will be able to take hold. The other one is an opacifier, which facilitates the dehydration of the nail bed and allows the nail polish to last longer. You will need a semi-permanent nail polish, better if you choose a neutral and low-impact color for the first applications that will help you mask any imperfections. You will need the UV lamp to ensure that, within a couple of minutes, the nail polish hardens. Once the catalysis has taken place, you will have to apply a top coat, which will give brilliance to the result.

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