Sharon Deflorio – Investing in Health and Happiness Leads to Success in Life and Career

There is a common misconception that successful people are born lucky. However, this is not the case. They can balance work and life to understand their priorities well and succeed at every endeavor they undertake! When it comes to success in life, you should invest in your health and happiness to attain your goals and get the energy to overcome challenges effectively.

Sharon Deflorio – Taking care of your mental and physical health 

Sharon Deflorio is an example of a successful individual who believes strongly in investing health and happiness for success in life. She is an esteemed professional in the field of business development from Norwalk, CT, in the USA. She has a proven track record in the area as a successful business development specialist and served Xerox as an Executive Compensation Analyst. She was a part of its team that looked after the compensation and equity of the balance of senior-level executives.

Before the above, she was a Senior Corporate Paralegal with Terex Corporation, where she advised on corporate governance and analyzed domestic and international subsidiaries in several cases. In the past, she was a corporate paralegal with Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal in New York City.

Learning for success 

She believes that if you want a unique opportunity, you should be ready to learn new things and improve with the market’s changing demands. She believes one should move with time and upgrade their skills to add value and communication to the team. She completed the Mastering Sales Course from Northwestern I Kellogg and got her paralegal certification from Adelphi University. She also completed a certificate from The Center For The Media Arts in Broadcasting and Media and her Bachelor’s in Science from the esteemed institute The John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the USA.

To be successful in the workplace, especially in a demanding profession like business development, you need to take care of your health. It would help if you had a disciplined lifestyle with the proper diet, sleep and rest. You should also take the time to exercise daily, and if you are not fond of hitting the gym or getting into any exercise regime, you can always engage in sports and keep yourself fit and healthy.

Dress for success 

According to Sharon Deflorio, you should dress for success along with your health and happiness. You need to have a sense of appropriate fashion for the occasion or the event. It could be professional or personal, but you must know about the latest fashion trends that make you stand out in the crowd and give you the confidence you want.

Wrapping up

Suppose you are unsure what to wear for a particular event. In that case, you can always take help from credible online resources to know your body type, the fashion trends of the season, and other tips that make you look good and confident with whatever you wear with success!

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