Standing Out in the Crowd: Winning Trade Show Booth Designs

As an exhibitor everyone wants to be seen precisely by the audience coming to a particular trade show or exhibition. It does not matter if the size of your stand is small or large you need a perfect strategy and design made by an exhibition booth design to stand out in the crowd of other exhibitors.

The winning trade show booth design is always that design that creates an eye-catching moment towards it at the trade show as well as attracts most visitors’ views regardless of its size. So here in this blog we will talk about a unique trade show booth size which is not a very common one but have a potential to create an standing out situation at an exhibition or trade show. 10×30 trade show displays is the booth design that can be your new choice for the upcoming event.

So, here are some of the best design ideas to make the best out of a 10×30 trade show booth space:

1. You can create multiple designs with a 10×30 such as a huge horizontally large wall spread over a 30’ long size will give you an ample size to make your stand more eye-catching. Do not make it a stall which is 30’ deep and the entrance is just 10’ wide.

2. Create visual interest with a curved or serpentine floorplan rather than just a straight back wall. This will also create pockets and angles that draw even a large number of people in.

3. If you have a 30’ deep space then use sheer or mesh curtains to define different zones within the larger space. For example, you can have a semi-private meeting area in the back.

4. Incorporate layered displays in your trade show booth design with both horizontal and vertical elements. Try to use wall mounts, standing kiosks, pedestals, shelving and reception counters provide display space.

5. In your exhibition stand contractor try to use lighting strategically. Spotlights on key products, wall washing, and theatrical lighting all add visual drama. Also incorporate a special lighting for your key product or message showcasing so that it would be highlighted more predominantly.

6. Have a central focal point like a monitor wall, interactive demo station, or statement art piece visible from afar. Visitors tend look at the center point at the very first place of entering the custom exhibit displays.

7. As you have a limited space at the booth then it is best to use the vertical space if possible and get creative vertically too. Suspended signage, banner stands and hanging LED screens maximize airspace.

8. Use the floor creatively with vinyl graphics, artificial turf or varying heights/materials. They look extremely modernistic and attractive.

9. Define the edges of the space with strong visual markers for example you can use vertical banners, solid walls, landscapes or LED-lit structures to help.

10. Make sure sight lines are open by keeping the front half of the booth clear and placing lower displays only in the back half. Also, have enough open space for booth staff and visitors to move around comfortably. Pathways at the trade show booth should be at least 3 feet wide.

Taking full advantage of the volume and thinking in 3D allows you to create an eye-catching, interactive 10×30 presence with built-in gathering spaces.

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