The Use of the Enneagram in Coaching


What if humans had spent ages thinking about the patterns of motivation that exist outside of people’s consciousness and support their decisions?

The Enneagram is a system with deep origins that has evolved through time and in many circumstances. It is more than just a personality test; it is a method of discovering basic patterns of motivation and behavior in order to make effective changes.

As a coach, you help your clients change. Some of these modifications stay, while others are more difficult to maintain.

The Enneagram is one method to think about which modifications work and why a pattern of change that works for one client may not work for another in the same scenario. Individuals might exhibit the same patterns of behavior for a variety of reasons.

The stronger your skills for recognizing the motives driving behavior, the greater your chances of achieving positive and long-term change.

Benefits of Enneagram Certification

The Narrative Enneagram Certification offers the same benefits as other forms of learning that delve deeper into the human condition. It enables you to recognize some of your own unconscious decisions and have a better understanding of the influence you have on others.

The Enneagram may even have spiritual elements for certain individuals. There are more particular reasons for coaches to include the Enneagram in the tools and perspectives they provide their clients.

Enneagram-trained coaches will be able to:

  1. Learn the benefits of certain behaviors for a person; no one will alter a behavior unless they know they may continue to receive the same benefits in another way.
  2. Keep a holistic view of the person while influencing specific attitudes or actions.
  3. Alter both motivation and behavior at the same time.

The Enneagram Is Beneficial to Both Coaches and Their Clients

Perhaps most importantly, the Enneagram understands that our greatest strength may simultaneously be our greatest weakness (and, conversely, that our problems may hold the key to new opportunities).

It helps us realize that we must live with all of our characteristics. We cannot just eliminate features; we must redefine them so that they serve us.

The Enneagram helps coaches and their clients become more tolerant of a variety of qualities as well as identify the points at which change is possible and desired.

Important Factor of Enneagram Coaching

Another essential point to remember when it comes to executive coaching is that the strategies you employ with one client in a certain situation will produce different outcomes than the same strategies used with another client in a similar situation.

Enneagram workshops would assist you in analyzing such shifts, allowing you to be aware of all potential consequences. The more you grasp the psychology underlying a person’s behavior, the simpler it will be to manage it, and is still a good chance that will last and benefit your client.

Human nature may be studied via psychology, which essentially helps you detect the bad elements of a person. In a while, Enneagram training may assist you in determining both a person’s positive and negative characteristics.

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