Tips for International Baggage Shipping

Baggage Shipping

International baggage shipping is a subject in itself. From packing to customs paperwork, luggage sizes to insurance, we’ll walk you through the process step by step. This article will cover everything from the best method to pack vacation luggage to simple insurance solutions.

Why Should You Consider International Baggage Shipping?

The airport shenanigans of frantically monitoring the luggage rack as the final few suitcases roll in, gradually realising yours isn’t among them.

Everyone has been there. The sinking sensation you get as you look for your missing baggage as your other travellers move off to their rooms and start sightseeing.

Even if your suitcase does arrive from the check-in desk as planned, you’ll have already endured the inconvenience of travelling to the airport while carrying luggage.

Then there is the luggage reclaim lines, the stress of customs paperwork, and the persistent, nagging fear that your belongings may be damaged or lost in transit.

You can also send your bags and luggage anywhere in the world. This way, you don’t have to worry about having your things picked up and dropped off or following their journey while they are in transit. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of International Baggage Shipping

Shipping baggage overseas has advantages and disadvantages, just like anything else in life.

Advantages of Baggage Shipping

Convenience: Shipping baggage ahead of time may make your vacation easier and more convenient, especially if you have a lot of luggage.

You won’t have to pull your luggage through airport security or drag them onto trains and buses if you send them.

As the majority of your baggage chugs along aboard a ship, you can easily carry one check-in bag and one handbag.

Space: If you opt to send your bags, you may carry more stuff than if you were constrained by the terrible airline baggage limits. Shipping is quite useful if you are travelling for a lengthy period of time.

Stress Reduction: Shipping your luggage reduces the level of stress you experience when travelling since you won’t have to worry about losing it, having it damaged in transit, or just huffing and puffing as you lift it.

Disadvantages of Baggage Shipping

Cost: International baggage delivery may be costly, particularly if you are delivering big numbers or heavy things. You may also be charged additional costs for customs clearance, which might add to the cost.

Time of Delivery: Sending baggage overseas might take several days or even weeks, which is inconvenient if you are on a tight schedule.

You can avoid the delivery delay if you get ready ahead of time and start shipping as soon as possible.

The Risk of Damage or Loss: There is always the possibility of something going wrong. It is possible that your baggage may be damaged or lost during delivery.

This may be very difficult and pricey, so find a trustworthy shipping company and obtain insurance to secure your belongings.

Cost of International Baggage Shipping

Several factors can have a big effect on how much it will cost to ship your luggage overseas.

These considerations include the destination, the size and weight of your luggage, and the shipping method that you pick. Some estimate figures on the cost of luggage shipping internationally.

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