Top 10 Commercial Fire Hazards

There is a very clear reason why the authorities will not allow you to trade as a business unless you have a signed off fire protection system, and that is because of how common fires are in the workplace. Ultimately if this can happen in businesses which do have fire safety certificates, then the thought of what may happen in businesses which don’t have them, really doesn’t bear thinking about. The safety equipment and steps which must be taken by businesses are in place to deal with the range of fire hazards which are found in a business, and here are some of the most common hazards which we see in the workplace.

Cooking Equipment

It is not just establishments like restaurants which have a risk of fire from cooking equipment, given the range of workplaces with canteens and eateries. The use of naked flames and flammable materials like oils can easily cause a fire if mishandled. forex trading platform

Faulty Electrics

Almost 12% of all office fires are caused by faulty lighting and/or electronic equipment, which is why it is so critical that checks are carried out regularly in terms of commercial fire protection.

Heating Equipment

Heating systems use both liquids and electronics which can be a dangerous combination if something goes wrong, these make up 11% of fires in office spaces and some 14% of fires in manufacturing properties.

Combustible Materials

Poor storage and an accumulation of combustible materials like cardboard and paper also make up a large chunk of commercial fires. These are some of the easiest fires to avoid, and good housekeeping can ensure that this kind of fire never happens.


Many think that it won’t happen to them but the reality is that fires are often started intentionally. In fact we see that around 10% of all office fires are caused on purpose, for a variety of reasons. 

Liquid and Electrics

Another easy fire to avoid is mixing liquid with electrics, which is why it is always recommended that drinks as an example, stay away from computer equipment.


Smokers now must take their cigarettes outdoors, but there are still a number of fires which are caused because of cigarettes which haven’t been properly extinguished. Some 9% of office fires are caused by this. 

Improper Handling of Flammable Liquids

There are strict regulations to abide by when using chemical or flammable liquids in the workplace. When these rules are not followed, the risk of fire greatly increases.

Hot Work Hazards

Hot work hazards exist in workplaces where there is welding or soldering carried out. Again there are strict rules to stick to when using these kind of practices, but sadly not everyone follows them.

Open Flames

And finally we also see a large amount of fires caused by open flames. This could be in a scientific research facility, an educational facility or any other plant or factory which uses naked flames in production. Data protection

These are the 10 most common reasons for the outbreak of fire, reinforcing the need for a watertight fire protection system.

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