Top 5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Mexico

Mexico is among the most preferred tourist destinations for family holidays, bag-packers, couples, and friends. It is a small country in Middle America bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It offers everything from hiking mountains to exploring deserts and turquoise water around the beach. It is a country known for its vibrant culture and vivid nightlife. Here is your chance to explore Mexico, Sprit flight and see what amazes you the most.

1. Huatulco Beach

Revive your soul with every wave on Huatulco beach. The splendid Oaxaca coastline, consisting of 36 beaches and 9 bays, is covered with clear blue water as far as the eyes can see. While assuring your seats using spirit airline booking, you should also prepare to dive into the dazzling beaches of Mexico. 

It is home to natural white sand beaches made of even-sized quartz crystals. The crystal clear water of beaches will make you forget all the stress and deadlines. Sitting on the coast and relishing dolphins jumping through the waves is a treat to the eyes. 

Other must-visit beaches are:

  • Nuevo Vallarta Beach
  • Playa Norte 
  • Playa Delfines
  • Mazatlan

2. Izamal (The Yellow City)

Mexico is home to colonial-style architecture and the most distinctive city in the world, Izamal.

If you are fond of bright colors, you must visit this magical yellow town. Thinking of how to reach here to witness marvelous, take out your phone and use the spirit book flight without any hassle.

3. The Pyramid of Cholula

Whenever you think of Pyramids, What comes to your mind? When I said Pyramid, you all thought of Egypt, Right? But you will be shocked to know that the largest Pyramid in the world is in Mexico. 

How is that possible?

Use Spirit my flight and visit San Juan Teotihuacan, a city in Mexico. It is known for the Pyramid of the Sun, la Calzada de Los Muertos, and the Pyramid of the Moon.

4. The Maya Ruins

The Mayan Civilization is known for its magnificence and mystery. The country has a historical significance, as it is the home to the best-known Mayan Civilization. You can still witness the Mayan ruins in Mexico, regardless of which corner of the country you are planning to visit. The most visited Mayan ruin is Chichen Itza, and its splendid sunrise and sunset are worth witnessing. 

The four Mayan ruins are UNESCO World Heritage sites. These are:

· Chichén Itzá

· Uxmal

· Palenque

· Tikal

5. Pueblos Magicos (The Magical Towns) 

Mexico is home to 132 magical towns known as Pueblos Magicos. Some notable towns are San Miguel de Allende, Isla Mujeres, and Baja California Sur. These 132 picturesque destinations are all about relaxed and lovely vibes. 

The fascinating thing about these magical towns is they don’t have any traffic lights. You can move in any direction you like without being penalized. Isn’t it interesting? To experience this, use spirit airlines book a flight ticket.

It is a Wrap

It is time to explore the country with over 35 world heritage sites and experience everything you have read. A trip to Mexico will make you experience various emotions. 

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