Top Five Essential Home Furniture You Need Even If You Are Broke

Whether you are relocating, renovating or renting, or simply trying to make more space in your current home, you still need to keep essential home furnishing. Buying furniture is not cheap, be it new or second-hand, so it is best to do some research for home furniture that you cannot compromise on before shopping around. 

Some people like their house full of brown tones, while some prefer a simple, open and uncluttered house with only required furnishing. Even if you are broke, there is still some furnishing you cannot eliminate to live a decent and comfortable life. Whatever position you are in, we have listed out six essential home furnishing items you can find online or purchase from dux jetson.


A soft, plushy sofa is on the top of our list and king of all furniture. You can sleep, sit, lounge, host guests, and of course, Netflix and chill on this versatile piece of furniture. Since you can use it in so many ways, a sofa can be a fruitful investment for your house when you don’t want to spend much on furniture. Whether four walls can be called a house without a sofa is debatable, but one thing you can agree on is it’s not entirely a waste of space.


A psychiatrist’s favourite and for people with unique taste, a fine armchair offers comfort and adds elegance to a house. Although not as purposeful as a sofa, an armchair can be a great addition to the living room. If you are not a fan of armchairs, you can buy a simple Dux jetson chair to pile your laundry.

Coffee table

While not entirely necessary, coffee tables are a great addition to any house. They come in handy when you want to sit and read a book, eat breakfast, entertain guests, have morning coffee and do other usual things. Besides, a coffee table does not take up much space and can be placed in the living room or kitchen, wherever you have a little space.


Unless you are okay with keeping your clothes in a suitcase or on the bed, a wardrobe won’t be of much use to you, but if you like to keep everything organized and tidy, this is a must-have. You can keep your valuables in the wardrobe and safe from burglars. A wardrobe might take up more or less space in the house based on your requirement. 


If there is some furniture that you are giving up on, it cannot be the bed. Whether it’s a plain mattress on the floor or a king-sized bed, you will not find a home without one. Purchasing a bed is essential if you don’t want to sleep on the cold hard floor, suffer from back pain and then eventually spend money on therapy. Don’t be a penny pincher in this case. 

So now you know what furniture to purchase next time you shop. Keep this list handy to keep your house spacious and comfortable.

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