Tradition of Mehndi in Asian countries


Are you bored of the same designs of mehndi? Are you looking to bring an element of freshness to your celebrations? Are you looking for a Simple mehndi design for your next wedding or party?

Mehendi is a constant element of Indian celebrations. In the past, it was utilized to ease the pain of scorching summer heat and to deter evil spirits. In the present, many designs of mehendi can be seen on the feet and hands because of their significance. from weddings and Diwali to Eid events, they seem incomplete without mehndi painted hands. A simple mehndi design that is compatible with the event is the ideal option.

Do you want to know the latest mehandi designs that are easy and elegant? Then you’re at the right location. There is no need to look for the basic mehndi style book. You can find everything you require from collection of simple and straightforward mehndi designs suitable for every occasion. Make sure you are ready for festivals with these gorgeous Mehndi Design simple.

The Traditional mehndi Design

There is nothing wrong with this basic mehndi pattern that includes the most basic designs which have been used traditionally for creating a basic mehndi design. Begin with the dot. Include semi-circles. Fill in the gaps with details such as vines tears, or leaves. Include dots and paisleys, and you’re good to go. The simple mehndi pattern is about letting your creativity flow.

Arabic Mehndi Design

It is a simple and simple Arabic mehendi style. Anyone who is not a professional can draw it effortlessly. The ease of use, however, doesn’t compromise on its aesthetics. This simple mehndi pattern is pleasing to the eye and features leaves and floral designs.

Twirling Action mehndi design

This mehendi style 2022 is attractive, stunning and ideal for the bride who is looking for to have a mehandi that is different. The simple mehndi design with designs surrounding it is complex, yet it is easy to draw. It is an elegant design that can enhance your look.

Teadrop design

Paisleys are among the oldest designs that can be utilized in mehendi designs. They are simple to draw and stunning. This particular design does not use only paisleys, but also other designs like teardrops, leaves semi circles dots and nets for filling in blank spaces on fingers and palms.


Hathphool’s appeal isn’t limited to the jewellery you can choose? The mehndi-inspired designs are the most popular mehandi designs. The most popular among them is the hathphool pattern. It starts with a floral design in the middle with a chain design that extends to the fingers, and then the cuff designs. This simple mehndi design looks very graceful.

Mandala pattern design

This is yet another illustration of the mandala pattern. It’s an easy mehndi pattern that could be done by anyone with no difficulties. The center circle is the basis for a gorgeous flower. The fingers are embellished with geometric designs that appeals to eye. Make this simple mehndi style and you’ll be glad you did.

Pattern Design for Foot

The mandala design is drawn on feet, too. This specific mehendi design for feet includes not just the mandala motif but also teardrop-like motifs which are then embellished with tiny specifics. The small floral designs on the toes are stunning.

Flowers on The Backhand design

The simple mehndi design is a reinterpretation of the hathphool fashion of mehndi jewellery designs. In this design, instead of chains, vines and leaves can be drawn creating this mehndi pattern an amalgamation of mehndi flowers and jewellery design.

Dark fingertips Mehndi Design

Do you think of mehndi designs that are easier to make than the one shown here? Can you imagine an easy design like it is so beautiful? This is an easy mehndi design that is comprised the basic geometric design on the middle of the palm, and dark fingertips, followed by a few lines horizontal.

Trendy Full Mehandi design

The Aztec pattern has taken over all fashion. From dresses to bags and everything else has this pattern. Why do you think your mehndi style should be in the background It gives the impression of being complex? It is actually extremely easy to draw and is trendy.

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