What countries does TAP Air fly to?

TAP Air Portugal, commonly referred to as TAP, is the flag carrier airline of Portugal. As a major player in the global aviation industry, TAP operates flights to several destinations around the world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the countries that TAP Air flies to.


TAP Air Portugal serves a large number of destinations in Europe, with flights to over 50 European cities. These include popular tourist destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, and Vienna, as well as business hubs such as London, Frankfurt, and Munich. TAP also operates flights to less well-known destinations in Europe, such as Faro, Bragança, and Viseu in Portugal, as well as Pico Island and Terceira Island in the Azores.


TAP Air Portugal also flies to a number of African destinations, including cities in Angola, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Morocco, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Senegal. These destinations include the capital cities of Luanda, Praia, Accra, Bissau, Maputo, and Dakar, as well as other popular tourist destinations such as Marrakesh and Casablanca.

North America:

TAP Air Portugal offers flights to several cities in North America, including New York City, Newark, Boston, Miami, and Toronto. These flights are popular with tourists and business travelers alike, and TAP is known for its comfortable and reliable service on these long-haul routes.

South America:

TAP Air Portugal also flies to a number of destinations in South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay. These destinations include the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, and Montevideo, among others. These flights are also popular with both business and leisure travelers, and TAP’s strong reputation for customer service and reliability makes it a top choice for those traveling to South America.

Middle East:

The Middle East is a culturally and historically rich region that spans across Southwest Asia and Northeast Africa. It is home to a diverse group of nations, including Iran, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and many more. The region has been shaped by a complex history that includes the rise and fall of empires, religious and ethnic conflicts, and struggles for independence and self-determination. The Middle East is also known for its vast reserves of oil and natural gas, which have played a significant role in shaping the global economy and politics. Today, the region faces ongoing challenges, including political instability, conflict, and economic inequality. TAP Air Portugal also flies to the Middle East, with direct flights to Tel Aviv and Dubai. These destinations are popular with both business and leisure travelers, and TAP’s service to the Middle East is known for its quality and reliability.

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In summary, TAP Air Portugal offers flights to a wide range of destinations around the world, including over 50 cities in Europe, several cities in North and South America, and destinations in Africa and the Middle East. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, TAP’s comfortable and reliable service is sure to meet your needs. With its extensive network and strong reputation, TAP Air Portugal is a top choice for travelers looking for a high-quality flying experience.

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