What is an ISO 9001 Audit and How Can You Get Benefited from It?

ISO 9001 Audit

A ISO 9001 audit is an external and independent assessment of the quality management system to determine whether an organization can meet its customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in regards to the management of their quality system. ISO 9001 audits are performed to verify that your organization has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) that will consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, provide confidence that your products or services will meet customer’s needs, and enable improvements in performance.

What do we mean by ISO 9001 certification audit?

Normally, we don’t look forward to annual audits. A company visit by auditors may seem onerous, at best. When it comes to quality inspection services provided by C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), however, a third party audit can be a godsend for companies that sell goods in or out of China or regularly ship items between two points outside of China.

This is especially true for companies that are trying to qualify for C-TPAT certification in order to increase their speed through port, since one of the things that auditors check during an audit is how effectively a company works with its suppliers to create detailed quality control plans and implement them at each stage in production.

Why should you get audited by a third party?

If you are looking for Quality inspection services, then look no further than Hong Kong. We provide Quality inspections in China . When it comes to third party quality management certification, our company HongKongQMS is known for its quality inspection services. We provide products and services to various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, environment control etc. we help you with getting your needs fulfilled easily by giving you a hands-on approach.

Our professional auditors will evaluate your business procedures such as purchasing and materials handling processes to improve your quality management system by providing on-site recommendations that meet your specific needs. In other words, we audit all aspects of your organization, while developing effective solutions to all problems encountered during evaluation through a documented corrective action plan.

Which are the most important aspects to be audited?

No matter what your business is, you will have many aspects that you need to look at. These may include quality inspection services in china or even a Quality inspection in china. In these cases, you will be able to see many benefits that they offer, but it is also important to know which are going to benefit you most.  If you want to receive some more information about Quality inspection in China then you can go online and find some more about them. This way you can ensure that there are no problems with your company’s Quality inspection in china. Knowing about Quality inspection in China before using them is vital as it helps prevent many issues from arising later on.

In what way can you get benefitted by getting audited by a third party organization such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, TUV or other similar organizations?

Firstly, before you implement a quality management system for your products or services, you must ensure that you have what it takes to be audited by one of these companies. This means that if your company does not have procedures to maintain control over its products or services, they are a poor candidate for getting audited by one of these firms. One of their primary goals is to find issues within a business’ quality management system. If they can’t find any issues with it, there’s no point in getting certified.

Why is the China Inspection Group so special in offering these kind of services?

China Inspection Group has been a provider of quality inspection services in China for over 20 years. We have participated in thousands of ISO/TS16949 audits, including SGS, BV, Intertek, TUV Rheinland, etc. With these experiences we gained great benefits and opportunities to improve our service levels. Nowadays we are one of key-players in offering these kinds of services that deliver results with confidence and benefit clients time & money greatly at least if not more than what they expect.

Will I be awarded with a Certificate after getting the audits carried out successfully.

Yes, Definitely you will get it. If a buyer would like to see your audits papers as a proof, then it is also possible to provide them along with a certificate free of cost. So far we have never rejected providing a certificate even if you don’t order any other services besides quality inspection. We do a lot of Quality Inspection in China and have a good record. All these inspections are done per Indian, European & American Standards (QS-9000, IS0-9000, AS/NZS 4801:1994) one step at a time on each and every product before delivering them to our valued customer without fail.

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