What Little-Known Remote Workplace Perks Are Actually Good?

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Team Holidays

Even if employees are situated in different locations and working remotely, occasional team holidays can be arranged, which are appreciated by employees and give them a chance to get to know each other in-person. This should not be forced on remote workers who aren’t enthusiastic about the idea but should be offered as a fun option for those willing to go. I have organised such trips for large components of my workforce (including remote workers), and they were a great way to boost morale. The downside of this is that it can be quite expensive, and so it will depend on the financial limitations of your business as to whether this option is viable.

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Discount Cards

A great perk for any employee, that is useful regardless of your working situation, is a discount card. These cards are paid for by your company and allow employees to avail special discounts with popular stores and restaurants. The logistics of this may differ depending on the country your employees are situated in, as most discount cards are country specific.  However, if you have large concentrations of employees in certain countries, this is a great way to show your appreciation of them. I have used this as a key perk for my staff members in the past, and the financial assistance they provide is greatly appreciated.

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Home Office

A thoughtful, yet practical, perk is to upgrade your employees home office. Perhaps they use an uncomfortable chair, could do with a better computer, or may appreciate an ergonomic keyboard? These options make their job easier, which in turn makes your job easier. In my experience, I have noted an increase in productivity from employees for whom I’ve arranged to be provided with upgrades in office equipment, as well as a strengthening of my relationship with these employees. Another benefit of this perk is that there are options to suit every budget.

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