Wrike Software vs Smartsheet Software: Features and Pricing 2023  

The Wrike Software, a cloud-based project management software, encourages collaboration among teams and helps users manage distant tasks. This tool allows teams to better align their goals and move faster through the execution process. The vendor has a wide range of features. These features are useful for marketing, creative, product and business development teams, as well as professional services. With a strong emphasis on giving teams the tools they need to succeed, It can scale at both the organizational and team levels, and offers enterprise-level security. Smartsheet, a cloud-based platform that enables work management, is the market leader. Smartsheet allows teams and organizations to plan, execute, and report on large-scale work. This results in more efficient workflows, better business results, and creative solutions. Over 90% of Fortune 100 companies use the secure and scalable Smartsheet platform today. Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies link the entire company. Smartsheet allows people to find a solution that adapts to dynamic work across many departments and use cases.

Wrike Software

Wrike, a web-based project management tool, makes it easier to work with dispersed or co-located groups. It’s faster and more efficient. It is flexible and allows multiple groups to work together and complete the task in one place. This software allows you to schedule, coordinate and prioritize tasks, as well as monitor them in real-time. Wrike is used by many Fortune 500 companies, including EA Sports and HTC. For more information on Wrike and its benefits, please see this Wrike review. This Wrike review is similar to other Wrike reviews. It aims to help you determine if the software suits your needs.

Wrike Key Features


Many pre-built templates make it easy for teams to get the essential components they need. Specific templates can be used for agile teamwork, project management, event management and product launches.


Wrike offers reporting capabilities to users who have business or enterprise accounts. The report builder allows you to choose type, source data and filters. It also lets you design a table or column. The reports include information such as weekly project status, unassigned tasks, assignee-specific active duties, and other subjects.

Gantt Charts

Zoom out to see the scope, tasks, dependencies and timeframe of a project. Drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to modify task due dates or add dependencies. Switching between views (day, week and month) is easy. Wrike makes data transfer from Microsoft Project easier by ensuring that all elements are imported in MPP, MPX and XML formats.

Wrike Pricing

The software offers four pricing tiers. There are four pricing tiers: Enterprise, Team, Business and Free. The free option is limited in features, compared to other options. The Team option is $9.80 per user. The third option is $24.80, and it applies to all employees of the company. Enterprise is the last option and is intended for large teams. This option does not have a pricing option, as it can be customized.

Wrike Reviews

It’s a great tool for project management and team collaboration. It allows users to keep track of all tasks. It saves time by allowing users to create multiple projects and tasks at once and then completing them in real-time. For novice users, however, integrations can be difficult. By a large margin, the desktop version is better than the mobile app. It takes some time to learn about the dashboard and its features.

Smartsheet Project Management

Smartsheet Software, a SaaS-based management tool for enterprise, facilitates team collaboration, task management, and project planning. It can handle complex projects, procedures, as well as reporting requirements. It also aids construction planning. It brings together different stakeholders and skill sets, while providing total project visibility to enable real-time coordination. Using seamless sharing capabilities, team and data silos can be eliminated. This allows stakeholders to access project details. This provides managers and team members with an easily accessible environment. Its user-friendly layout allows them to maintain consistency and speed up execution.

Smartsheet Key Features


System reports combine data from different sheets to create a summary view. To track sheet changes, use bi-directional functionality. You can modify the status of reports for recurrence, and you can send them using collaborative tools.


Teams can work together to create a single view that includes all important information. This will increase agility and flexibility. Drag-and-drop technology allows you to modify the look of the portal by adding widgets and pictures.

Control Centre

Premium control center add-ons for business and enterprise plans give you access to powerful portfolio features. Connect with BI applications from other countries to perform performance analysis. Dashboards allow you to automatically add data from new project. You can make changes to your entire portfolio at once.

Smartsheet Pricing

The software offers four subscription options. There are four smartsheet pricing plans: Enterprise, Pro, Business and Business. The first is free, has very few features and can be used by small businesses. The second option is $7, but has limited features. The third option costs $25 and offers many great features. Enterprise is the last option and is unavailable. This is due to the fact that it can be customized.

Smartsheet Reviews

Users have praised the software’s automation. It is amazing that so many templates can be customized. It can also be integrated with MS Teams, which is a great feature. Because the project is web-based, it makes communication easier for all team members. It is possible to receive updates from the team and export data in a variety formats. This is a significant advantage. However, some users found it difficult to use. Many users also claim that it is slow.

Final Thoughts

Smartsheet and Wrike are both good choices if you’re looking for project management software. Users have praised both software. Both software offers great features and characteristics. However, it is important to choose wisely. Select a software program that meets all of your needs.

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