10 Funniest Characters In The Final Fantasy Franchise


The most funny Final Fantasy characters go all out with their jokes, which makes them either very likeable or just plain annoying.

Final Fantasy has a lot of great characters who are a lot of fun to talk to. Even though the writing in the games isn’t always great, there’s no denying that the franchise really knows how to make things funny. The end result is that characters have really funny and memorable moments that fans will remember long after they have finished one of the many numbered Final Fantasy entries.

In fact, some characters do everything they can to be as funny as possible, which either makes them very likeable or very annoying. The following characters were funny without being annoying, which is a pretty big deal.

Ultros (Final Fantasy 6)

Ultros is one of the most popular bad guys in Final Fantasy. His goofy personality makes him a fan favorite right away. His role as a boss who keeps coming back in Final Fantasy 6 helps him stand out.

This monster loves to mess up the plans of the group at every turn. His funny lines and crazy ideas make him one of the funniest bosses in gaming history.

Yuffie (Final Fantasy 7)

Even adding Yuffie to the party is such a confusing process that it’s easy to see why players love this character so much. Yuffie leaves the scene whenever she is found, even if it’s just because someone opens the menu or saves.

Yuffie doesn’t get a lot of time to shine in the main story because she is an optional party member. Still, the sidequest she does with him in Wutai is pretty interesting and a nice change of pace.

Prompto (Final Fantasy 15)

In Final Fantasy 15, Prompto is one of the four main characters, and he is a lot of fun to talk to. Prompto might be a little too strange for his own good, but there’s no doubt that there are times when players really get to know him.

Underneath his goofy exterior is a pretty conflicted person who would give up his life in a heartbeat for his friends. His constant jokes make him a great character and add to the realism of the friendship, which is a big part of this game.

Jack Garland (Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin)

Out of all the funny people in Final Fantasy, Jack Garland is the only one who doesn’t really try to be funny. But what makes him such an unintentionally funny character is the way he cuts off bosses and keeps focusing on chasing Chaos.

In this Final Fantasy spinoff, this character’s interactions are always funny. The game itself may not be all that special, but Jack’s endlessly meme-able lines steal the show.

Galuf (Final Fantasy 5)

Final Fantasy 5 took a lighter tone than its predecessor. People had a lot of different thoughts about this change, but no one can deny that it lets the characters be really funny when they need to be.

Galuf is a great character to talk to because he doesn’t remember anything and can be funny when the situation calls for it. Still, his backstory is pretty interesting, and his death at the hands of Exdeath is also quite memorable.

Palmer (Final Fantasy 7)

Final Fantasy 7‘s message against capitalism is really hammered home by the fact that Shinra’s higher-ups are both pretty bad at their jobs and kind of cartoonishly evil in their own ways. Palmer is a great example of the first characteristic.

Just the fact that this character shows up as a boss fight and then gets killed in a pretty funny way shows how funny he is. Palmer is not Shinra’s biggest threat, but he is still a memorable part of the game.

Kefka (Final Fantasy 6)

Kefka is one of the most well-known bad guys in Final Fantasy. He’s a fool at heart and has a lot of funny moments throughout the series, but he never loses that crazy edge that makes him stand out.

It’s hard to believe that someone who seems so silly would want to destroy the world so badly, but against all odds, he does. In Final Fantasy 6, the first step for the heroes to heal the world for good is to beat this boss in the World of Ruin.

Rikku (Final Fantasy 10)

At first, Rikku seems pretty immature and risky, maybe a little too much for her own good. But the fact that her character changes a lot outside of these events also helps.

She is the one who tells Tidus what really happens to a High Summoner, which gives her a lot of depth. She never loses her cheerful attitude, which gets even more developed in Final Fantasy 10-2.

The Turks (Final Fantasy 7)

Some of the most memorable bad guys in Final Fantasy 7 are the Turks. They can be funny and scary at the same time. This group is so much fun to hang out with because of how funny they are together.

Reno and Rude are both funny in their own ways, and Rude’s crush on Tifa is a very interesting thing. Slope Game has many memorable moments, but one of the best is when this group helps the main party get into Midgar after being a pain in the side for so long.

Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy 5)

Gilgamesh is easily one of Final Fantasy 5’s best characters. This character is Exdeath’s servant. The way he is bossed around and insulted by Exdeath makes him a pretty sympathetic character.

Even so, Gilgamesh isn’t doing himself any favors in this situation. Because he is silly and cruel, the heroes always escape at his expense, and the battles against him are both hard and funny.

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