A brief guide on New Hindi movie 2022

Lights, camera, and not just action, 2022 is packed with movies starring superb castes and from all genres. Lockdown stirred up a new trend of OTT movies which was considered a far future. However, the pandemic accelerated the process due to lockdown. To all the movie enthusiasts awaiting the new Hindi movie 2022. Here is a list of movies going to be released in 2022. So sit back and hold your adrenaline rush until the end of the articles. You will find expert and genuine movies review too.

The next big thing you all have been waiting for!

  1. First of we have the ever-awaited RRR. After the major success of Bahubali, this is the next big thing. Its hype has been going around for quite a while. With an excellent casting and state-of-the-art direction, it is expected to be a blockbuster worldwide. It is a tale of two legendary revolutionaries and follows their journey far from home before fighting for their country in the 1920s. It is a must-watch for period drama lovers.
  2. RadheShyam starring superstar Prabhas. The Indian audience much awaits any movie of his. This is a romantic drama European-themed set in the 1970s. It is set to release around 14th January 2022. It is shot simultaneously in Telugu as well as Hindi.
  3. Prithviraj is yet another period drama set to be released in mid-November of 2022. It stars the pride of India, Miss World 2017 ManushiChillar, and the superstar Akshay Kumar. With such a fiery duo, the movie is for sure to be jam-packed with entertainment. Based on PrithvirajRaso, a biopic of the legendary Hindu Rajput warrior king of the Chahamanas dynasty “PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN,” which describes his youth, his military conquests, his marriage to Sanyukta, and the battle with Mohammed of Ghor which led to the conquest of the Islamic religion of Hindostan (India).
  4. For the action-thriller lovers, Attack starring John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez. The duo is back again with another action thriller after Dishoom. The attack is a real-life action thriller. A murder without evidence. Based on today’s edition of Kashmir Pandit, the Hindus of the Kashmir Valley, the vast majority of whom were Kashmir Pandit, were forced to flee the Kashmir Valley due to terrorism. A hostage situation that has brought the country to its knees! This time it’s a race against time; get ready to attack. Attack will host its World Cinema premiere on Republic Day 2022. This movie is jam-packed to give you a ride of emotional sentiment and mostly action thrill. 

Pandemic stressed hard on the entertainment industry as people were home, and there was a huge demand for new content despite the plethora of pre-existing ones. The year 2022 is about to take the content of the movies to a whole new level. As the public becomes more creative and appreciative of the content and the acting, the new hindi movie 2022 is evolving like never before. Therefore, they at flicksbuddy bring you the most genuine and accurate movies review. With cinemas opening up and the big screen gaining its highlight, be prepared to witness some amazing Hindi movies.

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