All about Chris Gardner’s wife, Sherry Dyson

Here to uncover the story of Chris Gardner’s wife, attempts have been made to bring to you the true facts about her life. 

Basic information

Born in 1950 in Virginia, U.S., Sherry was a brilliant mathematician and a teacher by profession. Not much is known about her parents. An American by nationality and a Christian by religion the lady was married to Chris Gardner in 1977. Her husband Gardener was a renowned American investor and stock dealer. In normal life, he was a popular businessman in America. The couple parted in 1986 and got divorced. With a basic net worth of 100000 dollars, Sherry Dysonleft the world for her heavenly abode in the year 2000.

Source of her information 

Her husband’s published work of literature in form of his book “The pursuit of Happyness” gives a bit of information about the lady. The book was published in May 2006 and is considered to be the only official source of information about her life.

Details about Sherry‘s life

Though little is known about her life people believe the mystery of death is still unknown. Beginning from her birth year and with negligible information about her parents, all that is known about her career is that she was an educational instructor in mathematics in Virginia. Brilliant as a teacher she was loved and admired by her students. 

Then the information about her marital status is known. Married in the year 1977 she became the wife of Chris Gardner. Though she wasn’t fortunate enough to have prolonged happiness in her married life as the same had a short life of only nine years approximately. 

There were differences of opinion between Sherry Dyson and Gardener on the man’s decision of abandoning his medical career. The difference was also as per the behaviour of the couple towards each other. The things deep end and Sherry wasn’t favouring her husband’s decision to quit his medical career. Also, the couple failed to have any children together. 

Extra marital affair of Gardener left Sherry Dyson shattered 

Where Sherry was still living a relationship with Gardener, the man had already been in love with another woman named, Jackie Medina. Jackie was a dental student and was pregnant with Gardener’s child after only a few months of dating. In 1981 should be delivered Gardener Junior and just after three years of marriage with Sherry, Gardener decided to move in with Jackie. 

This betrayal of Gardener left Sherry shattered and heartbroken. Sherry was upset to see the gardener living with Jackie and fostering his fatherhood even when she was still married to him. 

Divorce was taken to be the only solution

For the 9 years of the marriage year, 1986 was the final call when the relationship between Sherry Dyson and Gardner ended. The couple got divorced in 1986 and then onwards Sherry lived her life till 50 years of age. It was finally on 7th April 2000 that Sherry set goodbye to this world and left for her heavenly abode. 

Death of Sherry Dyson: Still a mystery

The death of the lady is a mystery to date. Sherry Dyson met her fatal and on 7th April 2000. She was only 51 when she met her destiny. Some of the newly launched sites claim news to be a rumour about why are those considered as a result of mental trauma and agony due to her husband’s extramarital affair. Resultantly she suffered from a cardiac arrest which finally resulted in her death. 

Contradicting the news the second opinion about the sad demise has been claimed about her suspected Germany trip. The truth is still to be found out and the guest work is prevalent till nothing is clear.

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