Best Places to visit in Kingston 

Kingston is a growing metropolis surrounded by mountains in the north and a coastline in the south, and it is home to half of Jamaica’s 2.7 million people. Kingston, like any major city, has neighbourhoods that oscillate between socioeconomic extremes, and while some areas have a reputation for violence, the city is well worth a visit. 

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1 Devon House

Devon House, built in 1881, is one of Kingston’s most significant landmarks and historic heritage sites. With its Georgian Jamaican architecture, typical of plantation homes built by British colonists during the height of the slave trade, it is a representation of Jamaica’s rich cultural diversity. The house is with 19th-century furniture, giving visitors a glimpse into the past. There are many shops, restaurants, and cafes on the estate’s grounds.

2 National Gallery of Jamaica

It opened in 1974 and exhibits modern, contemporary, and early art from Jamaica, the Caribbean, and other countries in the region. In the five permanent galleries, you’ll be allowed to see anything from Pre-Colombian artwork made by planet’s indigenous communities to a few of Jamaica’s most celebrated artists like Edna Manley and Mallica ‘Kapo’ Reynolds. Every year, the gallery also hosts many temporary exhibitions.

3 Lime Cay

Though Jamaica is some of the Caribbean’s warmest, bluest water, Jamaicans don’t visit the beach as as you might think. Weekend beach days are for Kingston residents, who take the ‘canoe,’ or ferry, out to Lime Cay. The small cay is near Norman Manley International Airport, off the coast of the mainland. Visitors are to and from Morgan’s Harbour or Y-Knot by hired boats. Because there are no vendors on the cay, we recommend bringing your own food, water, and supplies.

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4 Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains tower over Kingston’s northern outskirts, shielding the city from the hot Caribbean sun. Hiking to the peak can take four to eight hours, depending on where you start and your level of experience. On clear days, the top offers views of Cuba’s southern coast. If you want something less strenuous, go to Holly well National Park for an outdoor picnic.

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5 Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill is a hotel and estate located in the lush Blue Mountain Range’s hills. It’s the ideal mountain getaway for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice luxury for the wilderness. Also to its luxurious accommodations, the property has an incredible spa available to anyone looking for some R&R. They offer a variety of services, but we recommend one of their massages. Treat yourself to a coconut hydro-scrub massage – it’s pure decadence for both the body and the mind.

6 Bob Marley Museum

Reggae music is often cited as Jamaica’s greatest export, and the genre would be nothing without Bob Marley. In many ways, he is a cultural hero, and he is still one of Jamaica’s most honoured and influential people. The museum is in the musician’s former home. Many regard him as a national hero for elevating Jamaica’s culture and people to the international stage.

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