What are the best places to visit in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic’s capital city, is island visitors who
prefer Dominican beach towns or resort getaways. But, Santo Domingo, once
Hispanic America’s capital, is one of the most fascinating and exciting cities to
visit! Every day, culture, social movements, nightlife, gastronomy, and events
abound in this city. In Santo Domingo, there is something for everyone!
Santo Domingo is also an excellent starting point for a variety of day and side
trips, making it an ideal place to rest and recharge between your Dominican
Republic travels.
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1 La  Zona Colonial
If you can only do one thing in Santo Domingo, make it this. Without a doubt.
The city’s historic colonial centre is known as La Zona Colonial. You could spend
days exploring the best things to do and see in Santo Domingo. If you’re
concerned that it’s only for tourists or touristy things, rest assured that it’s a
neighbourhood for both locals and tourists. Local artists, theatre, community
centres, LGBT bars, and much more can be found! If you are interested in
history and culture, La Zona Colonial is the place to visit in Santo Domingo.
2 El Museo de la Resistencia 
A visit to this museum is a great way to learn about the history around you,
contextualize your travels across the country, and support a good cause. The
museum houses artwork, videos, text, photographs, and other media. You
could spend all day here. But, please keep in mind that it is only in Spanish; you
could hire a local guide to translate for you. In addition to the exhibits, there is
a lovely outdoor colonial courtyard.
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3 Amber Museum 
Amber is tree resin “gemstones” that date back 20 million years! There are
remnants of extinct plants and species inside. But, Dominican amber is even
more unique. Come to this museum to learn why. This Santo Domingo

attraction is a must-see for gemstone and geology enthusiasts! I met the
Dominican owner, who gave me a tour of the museum while I was there. You
could tell the family cares about geology and their Dominican heritage. His
daughter, Joarla Caridad, also creates beautiful craft larimar and amber
4 Museo de las Casas Reales 
The Museum of the Royal Houses offers an insight into the Dominican
Republic’s history and cultural heritage, beginning with Christopher Columbus’
invasion. This structure used to be the governor’s palace in Santo Domingo
(one step below the Queen of Spain). It was the first and oldest headquarters
of Spain’s Americas colonisation. 
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5 Los Tres Ojos National Park 
3 Eyes National Park in the Dominican Republic is a conservation area and
open-air stone walls tunnel system with a sequence of crystal clear pools of
water recognised as “eyes.” The park is located in Santo Domingo, ten minutes
by car from the popular Colonial Zone, and it provides a welcome respite from
the city’s hustle and bustle.
The land of Santa Domingo is well connected

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