How to better your possibility of survival while fighting lung cancer?


Completing medicine can be both stressful and appealing. It is pervasive if you’ve had the disease. You may be relieved to finish the prescription but find it hard not to worry about cancer growing or coming back. Medication may abolish or destroy cancer under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida for some people with lung cancer.

For other people, lung cancer may never disappear completely. Some people may get regular medications with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other therapies to control cancer for longer suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida. Grasping to live with cancer that does not disappear can be difficult and very distressing.


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Follow-up care

  • It’s essential to go to all of your follow-up consultations. During these appointments, your doctors will ask if you have any issues and may do exams, lab tests, or imaging tests to study for signs of cancer returning or treatment complications suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.
  • If you have completed medications, your doctors will still want to watch you closely.
  • Almost any cancer treatment can have complications. Some might only last a few days or weeks, but others might last a long time. Some side effects might not appear until years after you have finished treatment under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida.
  • Your doctor visits are an excellent time to ask questions and talk about any changes or problems you notice or concerns you have.
  • For all lung cancer survivors, it’s essential to let your doctor know about any new symptoms or problems because they could be caused by cancer coming back or by a new disease or second cancer under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida.

Doctor visits and tests

Many doctors recommend follow-up visits (including CT scans and blood tests) in people with no signs of cancer.

About periodically or for the first couple of years after medication, about every six months for the next several years, then at least yearly after five years under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida. Some doctors may direct different follow-up plans.

Ask your doctor for a survivorship care scheme.

Talk with your doctor about enhancing a survivorship care scheme for you. This scheme might involve:

  • A suggested scheme for a follow-up examination
  • You might need a schedule for other tests to look for the long-term health effects of your cancer or its treatment under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida.
  • Suggest things you can do to enhance your health, including possibly lowering your chances of cancer returning, suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.

Having health insurance and copies of your medical reports

Even after treatment, it’s essential to conduct health insurance. Checkups and doctor visits cost a lot, and even though no one wants to think of their cancer coming back, this could happen.

After your cancer medication, you might see a new doctor who doesn’t know about your medical record. It’s necessary to have copies of your medical reports to give your new doctor the information about your diagnosis and medication under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida.

Can we decrease the risk of my cancer progressing or coming again?

Suppose we have (or have had) lung cancer. In that case, we possibly want to know if there are things we can do (aside from our treatment) to help lower our risk of cancer rising or coming again.

Such as leaving smoking, getting or staying active, eating a specific diet, or taking nutritional foods suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.

Some of these things may help us decrease the risk of your lung cancer coming back, as well as help protect you from other health issues.

Leaving smoking

If you smoke, leaving is essential. Discontinuing has been shown to assist people with lung cancer to live longer, even if their cancer has increased. It also decreases the chance of obtaining another lung cancer, which is especially necessary for people with starting lung cancer under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida.

Of course, leaving smoking can have other health advantages as well, including lowering your risk of some other cancers.

Diet and physical activity

The possible connection between diet and lung cancer growing or returning is unclear. Some surveys have shown that diets high in fruits and vegetables might help stop lung cancer from developing in the first place, but this requires further investigation in people who already have lung cancer.

The same is valid for physical activity. More research is required to know if being more active can lower the risk of lung cancer or passing from lung cancer suggested by the Best Oncologist in Noida.

If cancer comes again

If cancer does come at some point, your treatment alternatives will depend on where the cancer is, what medications you have taken, and your health. Surgery, radiation therapy, chemo, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, or others might be alternatives. Other kinds of treatment might also be utilized to help relieve cancer symptoms under the Lung Cancer Treatment in Noida.

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