How to Prepare for a Trip to Cartagena

Cartagena City is a beautiful gem located in the southeastern region of Spain. The city is popular for natural beauty, nightlife entertainment and much more. Its unique experience makes it a popular destination among tourists and draws millions of tourists every year. It does not matter that you are a peace lover or party person or just looking for an entertaining vacation with your group; this city will not disappoint you. Consider these points while planning your trip with Spirit Airlines booking to Catagena.

What is the top time to visit Cartagena

Cartagena is bustling all year, although there are a few months when both foreigners and visitors from Colombia visit the city and Spirit airlines Reservations to Cartagena.

December 15 to January 15 is a hectic period. Easter week is often busy because many Colombian visitors come to Cartagena. Because students are on vacation, everything is less readily available, which drives up prices.

High season falls between June 21 and September 1 during the summer.

What is the average weather and what to pack

Cartagena is usually best visited between December and April to enjoy. The weather in Cartagena de Indias is often tropical. It only has two seasons: a wet one and the summer in the United States. And one that is dry and present in the winter. So pack your clothes accordingly. The typical temperature from December to April ranges from 28 to 31 degrees Celsius, and while there may be some rain, it won’t be much.

Make sure to pack waterproof footwear if you are travelling in these months. It’s the freshest time of the year, and the breeze is always present. Additionally, the celebration at the lovely Historical Center at the end of the year makes it the ideal time to travel. Consider spirit airlines flight Booking  policy and don’t exceed the weight limit.

What is necessary to get to Cartagena

It would be best if you merely wanted to go to Cartagena de Indias. There are hardly any criteria beyond that. You need a current passport, evidence of your financial ability to pay for the trip, and a ticket for your return journey.

Although it is not required, it would be best to obtain the Yellow Fever shot before visiting Cartagena, especially if you want to travel to any locations below 1.800 metres above sea level, such as jungle regions or some Natural Parks. At least 10 days before your trip, you should receive it.

What to eat

A trendy French bistro is two doors down and one block away. On the street, a local woman will be cooking pastries for you. Arepas de huevo are essentially doughnut batter that has been fluffed up and filled with a fried egg. Yuca cakes called carambolas are loaded with cheese or ground meat. The three locations listed below serve the most fabulous breakfasts in Cartagena. Every itinerary for a trip to Cartagena should include this.

Pescado Sancocho is a rich, flavorful soup. It is cooked with fish—the catfish is the most suggested type—coconut milk, sliced potatoes, plantains, and yucca, as well as regional sauces.

It is served with patacones, coconut rice, and a crisp salad.

Black Posta is a dish you must try if you enjoy steak. The season is an entire anca tip throughout one night. After carefully sealing it with hot oil, it is next boiled in meat broth. Then it is sliced and served with delectable gravy after being cooked to perfection. Your fingers are constantly being licked.

Budget Planning

After you reach Cartagena, you won’t need to be concerned about being overcharged for anything. You can spend the proper amount of money without worrying about being taken advantage of because local authorities have created a reasonable list of prices.

If you want to make sure you won’t be mistreated while on your excursions, you may check the costs for the items online from the beach, the islands, or any other part of the city. Research on the internet for basic things which you might need there like cab rentals etc.

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