Just How To Decide On Cone Crusher Liners

The function of the liner of the cone crusher is actually to defend the cylinder body system, to ensure that the cylinder physical body is actually certainly not straight affected as well as put on by the grinding physical body as well as the component. It may likewise use its own different operating surfaces to change the functioning condition of the grinding physical body to enrich the grinding time. The pulverizing result of the material boosts the grinding productivity, increases the outcome, and lowers the loss of the tool as well as the lining.

Conoid crusher liner substitution

When the lining of the cone crusher is actually not worn to the degree that it needs to have to become switched out, the tooth platter may be reversed, or the upper and also reduced components may be turned around. When the fullness of the lining of the cone crusher arrives at 65% to 80%, or even the partial damage is impaired as well as cracked, it ought to be substituted. After installing the linings, check out whether their centers are actually correct. If the center is not right, collisions are going to happen in the course of rotation, as well as the particle size of the product will definitely be jagged, which will certainly lead to malfunctions including home heating of the rubbing components in the equipment.

The liner of the cone crusher used to make use of higher manganese steel and modified higher manganese steel, carbon dioxide metal steel and also chromium cast iron. Now so as to enhance the service life of the liner, Hysan normally uses manganese steel with a manganese content of much Know More than 13%. Under a strong impact load, it makes up setting and wear-resistant sturdiness on its area.

Cone crusher liner-installation approach

( 1) Place solidified carbon dioxide into the internal hole of the bushing to be installed to reduce the cool size of the bushing. A percentage of filler could be contributed to the bushing to make the solidified carbon dioxide totally speak to the bushing.

( 2) After filling the solidified carbon dioxide, cover the bushing and also the solidified carbon dioxide inside with canvass to prevent icing on the exterior surface area of the bushing.

( 3) The cooling opportunity is 2 hours. The strategy of determining the dimension of the bushing could be used to establish whether it has actually been actually sufficiently cooled.

( 4) If it is actually identified that the bushing is actually sufficiently cooled down, it should be actually swiftly installed right into the inner hole of the framework. After being actually mounted in place, the top surface of the frame bushing must be actually flush along with the higher surface of the inner hole of the frame. If there are difficulties in the installation method, a wood hammer may be used to pound the upper area of the bushing slowly and uniformly up until the entire bushing resides in location.

( 5) After the liner remains in spot, liquified zinc blend filler is actually usually made use of to repair the liner.

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